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Company Updates

Welcome to the Employee Portal of Highway Equipment & Supply Co. 

Here, you'll find any relevant announcements and updates with regard to the company policies and changes.  If you have questions, please contact Stephanie Bell in Human Resources at 717-315-3723 or email

Covid 19

Covid Policy Update

Each full-time employee is afforded four (4) paid sick days to use on a calendar year basis. To be paid for a sick day(s), the employee must provide an authorized signed excuse from their doctor excusing the employee for the dates off from work. Otherwise, the employee will be charged PTO time. If no PTO time is available, the days out of the office will be unpaid.

To address COVID-related illnesses, the company has authorized one (1) additional day or five (5) total days on a calendar year basis to use for COVID-19 related sickness. Five days were chosen to coincide with the current CDC guideline for a recommended quarantine time.

In addition to a signed excuse from your doctor, an example of a positive home test COVID test must be provided as well, unless the signed excuse from your physician states that you have tested positive for COVID-19.

NOTE – Paid Sick Days can only be used for an employee illness, not family members or other members that you may reside with or care for that are sick, COVID or otherwise.

You may use PTO time or take the day unpaid to care for a sick person that you are responsible for.

Finally, paid sick days do not carryover from year to year. You will reset at 4, or 5 total if COVID related.

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E-Emphasis Update

The company goes live with E-Emphasis in 90 days!  Launch date is April 3, 2023. Stay tuned!

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HR News

Get ready to spring forward in the employment world a few decades with some fun new advances in automating documents & procedures in the Paytime app!  HR is working on these exciting improvements so keep your eye out for them as they pop up. 

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