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Deconstructing buildings, bridges, and other structures is tough work, and demolition calls for strong, sturdy, durable equipment with supreme control. We know primary demolition is all about reach and power, so Volvo Ultra High-Reach (HR) excavators have booms from 68.9'-105' (21-32 m), demolition guarding, high-visibility tilting cabs, and smooth, confident hydraulics. Equipped with attachments from 2-3.5 tons, these machines cut demolition challenges down to size.

Engine: Volvo Tier 4 Final

Operating Weight: 196,189 lbs

Gross Power: 464 HP

Max Tool Weight Allowed: 5,512 lbs

Perfectly-harmonized hydraulics

Powerful 70-ton machine feels like 80-ton class

Tackles the most difficult conditions

Engine: Volvo Tier 4 Final

Operating Weight: 141,140 lbs

Gross Power: 373 HP

Max Tool Weight Allowed: 7,700 lbs

High-level reliability & productivity

Outstanding hydraulics & performance

Robust structure & heavy tool weight

Engine: Volvo Tier 4 Final

Operating Weight: 113,410 lbs

Gross Power: 303 HP

Max Tool Weight Allowed: 6,600 lbs

Heavy-duty performer & ideal demolition partner

Purpose-built to meet demolition demands

Robust components & powerful engine

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