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Volvo H-Series 2.0 Wheel Loaders

New Hydraulics and Optimized Transmission for Faster Cycle Times

The new H-Series wheel loaders from Volvo CE take a proven machine and add the latest technology, including load-sensing hydraulics and transmission and the next-generation OptiShift, all available on the L150H, L180H, L220H, and L260H. Additional models will soon follow.

“The ‘2.0’ in the name lets contractors know they’re getting the same reliability and quality long expected from Volvo wheel loaders, but in a machine outfitted with the latest innovations,” said Volvo CE Wheel Loader Product Manager Eric Yeomans.

Next-Level Transmission

OptiShift technology allows operators to customize the lock-up engagement of their machines and integrates the Reverse-By-Braking function and new torque converter with lock-up, creating a direct drive between the engine and transmission.

The H-Series loaders have also been upgraded with a new transmission, to work in harmony with the engine and axles. The new converter delivers increased torque output for better performance at low speeds, and reduced steps between the gears ensures faster acceleration and smooth operation.

Fuel Efficiency

Experience up to 20 percent greater fuel efficiency with Optishift and transmission improvements, a powerful engine, attachment optimization, an all-new dry P-brake, an eco pedal, and the latest hydraulic system.