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Keep Your Machines in Check with ActiveCare Direct

ActiveCare Direct, the revolutionary telematics monitoring and fleet utilization reporting service offered directly from Volvo, is FREE for one year on applicable new machine purchases through Highway Equipment & Supply Co.

Make Fleet Management the easiest part of your business with ActiveCare Direct’s 24/7 Active Machine Monitoring and Fleet Reports. Run your business more intelligently and efficiently by making your telematics data work harder and smarter for you.

How it Works

CareTrack®, the Volvo telematics system, captures thousands of machine data points and sends them to the Volvo Uptime Center in Shippensburg, PA, where a team of data analysts and a proprietary system monitors and analyzes machine health in real time. You will receive a monthly fleet utilization report to identify opportunities to improve worksite efficiency.

If a machine requires attention, Volvo communicates with us so we can respond quickly. "It's really that easy," said Highway Equipment & Supply Co. Senior Vice President Vince Pagano (2:10). "Rather than having to sort through mountains of data for my customers, Volvo alerts us with specific recommendations so we can focus on solving our customers' problems rather than diagnosing them."

24/7/365 Active Machine Monitoring

With ActiveCare Direct, there’s no need to decipher raw data or react to a flood of alarm codes. We will only alert you when a specific action is necessary. This level of remote analysis helps catch problems before they occur to avoid unplanned downtime. It also helps expedite service by arming us with an issue diagnosis in advance to help ensure our service technicians arrive on site with the necessary tools and personnel to carry out the service in one visit.

Monthly Fleet Reports

Rather than logging into a telematics portal and sorting through mountains of data, you receive easy-to-understand monthly fleet utilization reports, arming you with the essential information to improve fleet utilization, identify focus areas for operator training, better manage service schedules, improve uptime, and reduce operating costs. Reports include fleet utilization, individual machine summaries, and machine misuse issues.

Fleet Utilization

View percentage work time versus idle time by individual machine, machine type, and month across the entire fleet. You can work hand-in-hand with us to set goals for utilization improvement for the whole fleet and identify individual operators or machines that are underutilized and may need reallocated or better trained.

Individual Machine Summaries

Monthly reports provide key details on each individual Volvo machine in the fleet, allowing you to quickly glance at upcoming preventive maintenance schedules and identify how individual operators compare to one another in terms of fuel usage, idle times, and productivity. This will highlight operator training opportunities that can positively affect your bottom line.

Machine Misuse Issues

Operator behavior is a key factor in a machine’s maintenance costs and overall lifespan. ActiveCare Direct monthly reports log all instances of potential machine misuse that could be causing unnecessary wear and tear, including high shift speeds, hot turbo shutdowns, overuse of brakes, and misuse of work modes.

Profit Potential

Current customers enrolled in ActiveCare Direct are averaging impressive improvements to fuel efficiency, idle times, and overall fleet utilization. Learn how to get the most profit potential out of ActiveCare Direct with these helpful articles:

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