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ASV Posi-Track: Why Is It Awesome?

What do you know about ASV's patented Posi-Track undercarriage technology?

Let's dig in to what makes this rubber track suspension system so special.

First up: Rubber Track

These tracks are embedded with high-tensile poly-cords that keep them from stretching or derailing. The rubber tracks are lighter and won't rust like their steel counterparts. Continuous bending on all kinds of surfaces won't break them and you'll find better traction and longer life under any circumstances.

Next: Drive System

The Posi-Track technology demonstrates a low-friction design to maximize power transfer. With the use of independent drive motors to work with sprockets that engage the drive lugs within the tracks, the tractive effort is transferred from the power train to the rubber tracks. Wear within the system is minimized by the design which uses wider designed sprockets and an open support frame.

What Else: Roller Wheels

Distribution of weight is even across a large area due to (up to 48) rollers used in the ASV design. The wheels are durable with a strong core surrounded by a final layer of rubber providing cushion to the ride.

What About: Suspension

ASV Posi-Track Technology has the design of the undercarriage mounted to torsion axles that facilitate comfort to the operator and durability to the machine by suspending the machine's weight and ability to move up and down.

The Recap: What's Great?

  • Rubber Track

  • Dual level suspension using both suspended wheels & axles

  • Smooth ride even on uneven terrain (and at higher speeds)

  • Fully flexible tracks mean max traction because they conform to the ground

  • 3 guide lugs (many machines have only 1 or 2) & multiple wheel contact points equals max performance on steeper inclines

  • 18" or 20" wide tracks and large amount of contact points equate to lower ground pressure

  • Nearly 15" of ground clearance

  • High quality components

  • Cost effective serviceability

What are ASV owners saying?

"Originally, I started with a steel machine and have driven most other track machines, but the first time I jumped in the Posi I knew I'd never go back."

-RT-60 Owner

"Definitely the best track loader I've ever used, that's why I bought it."

-RT-75 Owner

"Ride, quality, power, stability - no comparison."

- RT-75 Owner

From Earthmovers Magazine:

"ASV Posi-Track sets the Benchmark for CTLs"

Adding that operators will be impressed by the ASV Posi-track design & manufacture quality.

"Investing in an ASV Posi-Track loader doesn't just give you a high quality machine - you receive complete whole of life support to thoroughly maximize your return on investment."

If you would like to get a a closer look at the ASV Compact Loader line up contact us today!

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