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Highway Named WIOV’s Business of the Day

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Highway was selected as WIOV’s “Business of the Day” on August 14, 2018, thanks to a pen.

HR, Marketing, & Communications Manager Jennifer Nauss is an avid listener of Big I-105, a Lancaster County-based country radio station, especially during Rich Creeger and Casey Allyn’s “Secret Five O’Clock Hour.”

Late winter 2018, after complaining that they could never find a pen in the studio, Rich and Casey launched the Business of the Day segment between 5 – 6 a.m. (otherwise known as the Secret Five O’Clock Hour).

To be considered for the Business of the Day, you only had to send a company pen to Rich and Casey. Jennifer seized the opportunity and sent a Highway pen, along with a note explaining that Highway has two locations in the I-105 listening area.

“I sent the pen back in early March 2018. I was walking up from the basement this morning with a load of laundry when I heard Rich announce us as the Business of the Day. I was so excited that I stopped what I was doing to send a thank you to Rich on Facebook Messenger. He had mentioned on the air that he knew me from being Facebook friends, again where I worked, and that I was the HR manager, and then later he mentioned the thank-you message I sent him,” explained Jennifer. “We got at least three mentions this morning between 5 and 6 a.m.”

To find out why you should do business with us, contact your local Highway Sales, Service, or Parts department. If you have what it takes to join the Highway family, check out our Career page or contact Jennifer directly with a cover letter and resume.

Thanks to Rich and Casey for making Highway the I-105 Business of the Day.

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