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Demand More With Diamond Mowers

Clear trees, brush, and stumps with ease. Diamond Mowers, Highway's featured product line of the month, offers tough, safe, and reliable attachments for your skid steers, excavators, wheel loaders, and tractors.

Skid Steer Attachments

Diamond provides an attachment for your every need:

  • Drum Mulcher

  • Forestry Disc Mulcher

  • Rotary Mower

  • Flail Mower

  • Stump Grinder

  • Miller Stump Grinder

Skid steer attachments are available in cutting widths that range from 60-102 inches that can continuously mulch on trees with diameters ranging from 2-14 inches. Big or small, Diamond has an attachment that fits your job.

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Tractor Attachments

Diamond lets you take advantage of every section of your tractor by providing an attachment for every need.

Attach an All-American Disc to your tractor's side grader or back hitch to provide stability and a longer reach, or choose between two mid-mount attachments: side/rear/twin rotary mowers and side/rear/twin/triple flail mowers. Boom and three-point attachments are also available.

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Excavator Attachments

The excavator forestry disc mulcher and rotary mower are ideal on-the-job partners for cutting trees and bushes continuously. The disc mulcher can cut up to 12-inch diameters, and the rotary mower can cut up to 10-inch diameters.

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Wheel Loader Attachments

Attach a rotary mower, flail mower, forestry disc mulcher, saw blade, or ditcher to your wheel loader's boom to cut, mulch, slice, and dig even the toughest material. Diamond's wheel loader boom attachments boast quality, visibility, compatibility, and unmatched vertical reach.

Choose between two attachments:

  • Diesel-powered, self-contained hydraulic system includes an independent, electrical power system to boost efficiency

  • Loaded power unit allows easy field conversion and no additional engine to maintain

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All-American Disc

The All-American Disc helps you reclaim gravel and save time and money by bringing material back onto the road. Applications include:

  • Berm Removal: Remove berm along the roadside edge to aid in water runoff and prevent road damage.

  • Clump Removal: Remove clumps of rooted material for a smooth transition from road to ditch.

  • Contouring: Contour asphalt shoulders to increase road safety.

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New 72-Inch Drum Mulcher

The drum mulcher is a versatile skid steer forestry attachment, second only to the rotary mower. It is ideal for urban, suburban, and rural areas, and there is no limit to the amount of trees and brush it can handle. It is also safer to use near homes, bystanders, livestock, and utility lines than other skid steer attachments.

Click here to learn more about Diamond's new 72-inch drum mulcher.

Demand More. Demand Diamond.

Diamond Mowers offers the durability and dependability you need for even the toughest forestry and landscaping jobs. Contact your sales representative to demand your Diamond today.

Highway also offers an excellent lineup of Volvo CE skid loaders, track loaders, excavators, and wheel loaders to pair with your Diamond equipment. Bobcat skid steers and track loaders are available in Drums.

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