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Good Grease! The Importance of Quality Lubrication

Okay, sure. You've heard it all before. Use the branded lubricants from the manufacturer of your machine. You might be shrugging that advice off, but here are a handful of reasons why you should write home about it.

  • A Perfect Pair

Put simply, they were made for each other! You've made a major investment in your machine and want to keep it in tip-top shape so that it works hard for you. The manufacturer knows best what it takes to keep it functioning as intended! Most manufacturers have designed the line of lubricants specific to the machines they build, some with very specific and special design elements.

Take Volvo Lubricants, for example. VolvoCE Lubricants are specifically matched to the components of the machines guaranteeing longer, better, and cleaner operations.

  • A Smooth Operator

It's facts. You bought your machine to do a job. In order to do that job as efficiently & effectively as possible, you'll want to minimize friction to prevent damage that will slow you down. When you use the high quality, manufacturer preferred products you know you are getting the best results.

With proper lubricant, you can count on fewer issues like rust or corrosion, and overall wear and tear of your equipment.

Do you know what else happens as a result of less friction?

If you said less heat, you'd be right. Friction generates heat so when you use the right lubricant and renew it as appropriate, you'll help to control the machine temperature, which is going to keep you and your employees way more comfortable!

  • Follow the Money

The bottom line? The better your equipment is running, the more money you can make, and the less you'll have to spend on repairs and downtime (which results in money saved!). Using high quality lubricants is going to minimize common types of repairs and replacements.

Naturally your machine will need repairs from time to time, but ensuring the best lubricants are used will reduce those otherwise, pesky speed bumps in your production process.

Speaking of money... your future self will thank you for using the good stuff when you consider the resale value of your "well oiled machine".

Still not convinced? Contact our parts and service specialists for help picking the right lubricants.

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