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Gradall: Where It All Began

What do you know about Gradall® Excavators?

You know that these machines can handle a wide range of work surfaces due to their unique range of undercarriage options and you know them for a notorious telescoping boom that handles the job with great efficiency. But, how did the Gradall Excavator come to be such a strong presence in so many industries?

We can thank 2 brothers from Holland that made their way to Cleveland, Ohio in 1920. Ray and Koop Ferwerda were involved in commercial and residential projects upon arriving and starting their lives in the United States. Their experience led them to develop their own company specializing in roads and bridges, water and sewer line installation, and site work.

At that time, much of the work was done with the use of rakes and shovels.

Can you imagine grading roadside embankments with only the use of hand tools!?

This challenging work was met with even greater obstacles with a growing shortage of available workers in the industry. The circumstances of the time led the Ferwerda brothers to create the Gradall Machine in an effort to do their work more efficiently.