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Achieve Optimal Payloads with Volvo CE's Haul Assist

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

As part of its growing productivity services portfolio, Volvo CE initiated the North American launch of Haul Assist, a system that shows how much material your articulated hauler has moved. With real-time data and insights, operators can improve productivity and achieve optimal payloads.

Haul Assist now comes standard on new A35G through A60H haulers. You can request it as an optional feature on A25G and A30G models.

“Accuracy of a hauler’s load is critical,” said Robert Palermo, Volvo CE Product Manager, Articulated Haulers. “If it’s under-loaded, operations lose money on extra trips and fuel consumption. Overloaded trucks present safety issues and put unnecessary wear on the truck. The more accurate the load, the lower cost-per-ton operations you will have."

Real-Time, On-Board Weighing

Developed to increase hauling operation efficiency, Volvo’s On-Board Weighing system helps ensure your haulers move the optimal payload. This accurate system eliminates under-loading and overloading to reduce fuel consumption and wear. Operators can monitor all relevant information through the user-friendly, in-cab, 10-inch Volvo Co-Pilot touch screen.

On-Board Weighing provides the operator with multiple tools to monitor machine production and productivity. Choose between Project Mode and Trip Meter Mode:

  • Project Mode: Set up projects, add dump zones and material types, and provide targets. This makes it easier to monitor production and report progress to the office.

  • Trip Meter Mode: Track your payload with a resettable payload counter, a cycle counter, and other payload information.

In-Cab Productivity Dashboard

A productivity view gives operators an overview of the current machine productivity status, including tons per hour, tons per gallon or liter, carry-back, and payload utilization. You decide which data to display on the screen and add a target for each item, so you can monitor progress in relation to expectations.

Simple, Easy-to-Read Reports

Make quick decisions based on real-time information with Haul Assist's productivity report, which provides productivity and efficiency information or cycle data for a given time period.

Operators can either send reports manually or schedule them to be generated automatically at set intervals. Access the data remotely from the cloud, or export complete hauling management information onto a USB.


Take advantage of Volvo CE's Haul Assist Operator Training video series, and contact your Highway sales representative to add an articulated hauler to your fleet.

Click here for more information on Volvo CE's productivity services portfolio.

Based on article originally posted by Volvo CE.

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