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Highway Top Three: Prepare for Winter

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Before winter blows in, look at these top three winter preparation tips from Highway Parts and Service staff.

1.) Proactively inspect your machines; consider Volvo's Winter Maintenance Offer

Before winter starts, proactively inspect each machine to identify any issues you may need to address internally or through a Highway service technician.

Areas to review include:

  • Wiper blades

  • Lights

  • Glass

  • Seats

  • Unit cleanliness

  • Last oil change date

"Service the unit if it's close to its oil change interval," said Adam Drumheller, product support representative, Drums. "Grease it, and make sure there is nothing worse than cab clutter inside or frozen mud outside."

If you need winter repairs and maintenance, take advantage of the Winter Maintenance Offer through a Smart Commercial Account with Volvo Financial Services.

The Winter Maintenance Offer allows you to get the repairs you need right now and make simple, flexible payments later. You will also receive a $500 credit toward parts and service after you spend $5,000.

"The 10 percent discount on parts is a great benefit to our customers," said Parts Manager Joe Glowacki, Drums. "Taking advantage of this offer now will mean more uptime in the springtime."

2.) Tread through winter's worst with the right tires

Tires keep your equipment rolling, and they can make or break a machine's performance in snowy conditions. Before things get too slippery, assess your fleet and determine what you will be using this winter, and what you will put away until spring.

If you anticipate a lot of snow, think about the tires on your loaders. Their snow-clearing effectiveness is only as good as the machine's condition.

"Consider what your unit will be used for, and look at the remaining tire-tread depth," said Adam. "Is it good enough for the upcoming task? If not, consider replacing the tires and keeping the low-tread ones as spares. Look at the tire condition as well: are there serious cuts or side-wall gashes? If so, they are unsafe, and they will fail at some point, which will impede your job progress."

3.) Fuel your success with the right fuel treatments

The Highway Service departments recommend treating your fuel early. Proactive care is crucial to preventing machine downtime, and fuel preparation is no exception.

"Use an anti-gel/water disbursement fuel treatment," Adam suggested. "If there is any water in your tank, several rounds of treated tankfuls should take care of it. K100 is probably the best product on the market for removing water; it actually emulsifies and suspends the water into the fuel. Howes Fuel Treatment is another good one."

Make sure to replace your fuel filter before your winter contracts begin, and keep a spare accessible by storing it in the machine or somewhere on the jobsite.

"Ultra-low-sulfur diesel gels attract water and freeze around 20 degrees; little wax particles solidify and thicken the fuel like gravy," said Adam. "Once in a gelled condition, the wax particles will clog the filter, which will starve your unit for fuel."

Best-in-Class Service

We equip our Service teams with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and fully-stocked service vehicles to keep your equipment up and running. To optimize your machine for the winter, stock the parts you need, or learn more about the Winter Maintenance Offer, contact your local Highway service, parts, or sales representatives.

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