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Highway Earns Volvo CE Mark of Excellence Award

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Vice President Ryan Flood (sixth from the left), Sales Director John Seroskie (eighth from the left), and Senior Vice President Vince Pagano (seventh from the right) at the annual Volvo CE Dealer Awards Dinner

On February 5, 2019, Volvo CE held its annual Dealer Awards Dinner, coinciding with the annual AED (Association of Equipment Distributors) meeting in Orlando, FL. All participating North American Volvo CE dealers attend the Awards Dinner that recognizes top dealers in sales and customer support performance categories.

Mark of Excellence Presidents Club

Highway received this award for holding the highest road machinery market share in North America: 62 percent for 2018. Road products include:

  • Asphalt Compactors

  • Asphalt Pavers

  • Soil Compactors

Highest Dollar Volume Processed in Smart Commercial Account

Highway achieved one of the highest Smart Commercial Account dollar volumes in North America.

There were two awards Highway did not receive, but made the top three among the nominees.

Highest Retail Penetration Growth (VFS)

The Highest Retail Penetration Growth award recognizes the dealer’s utilization of Volvo Financial Services (VFS) as a percentage of all Volvo CE-attributed sales. It reflects how many of the dealer's Volvo CE deals used VFS to transact the sale compared to the full Volvo CE sales volume.

Leader in Dramatic GPE Share Growth in Small/Medium Markets

This award goes to the dealer with the greatest general purpose equipment (GPE) market share improvement compared to the previous year. GPE products include:

  • Articulated Haulers

  • Wheel Loaders

  • Excavators

"Over 40 dealer organizations across North America are part of the Volvo CE dealer network," said Senior Vice President Vince Pagano. "To achieve such success compared to dealers with multi-state operations is quite an accomplishment."

Highway attendees included:

  • H. Michael Liptak, President

  • Vince Pagano, Senior Vice President

  • Ryan Flood, Vice President

  • John Seroskie, Sales Director

"We were pleased to attend the dinner and represent Team Highway," said Vince, "and we were even more pleased to learn that Volvo CE nominated Highway for various dealer performance awards."

For information on Volvo CE road machinery or opening a Smart Commercial Account, contact your local sales or product support representative.

Volvo CE Presenters:

  • Agako Nouch, Vice President of Sales, North America

  • Dave Foster, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, North America

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