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Give Your Machines a Makeover With the Volvo Certified New Life Program

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

The Volvo Certified New Life Program (New Life Program) restores your Volvo CE equipment to like-new condition and guarantees an 8% reduction to your total cost per hour. Meet with your Highway service manager to schedule your restoration and delivery timeline and to choose from a range of flexible rebuild packages, custom-tailored to optimize the value of your investment and accommodate your budget, machine status, and business objectives.

The New Life package includes:

  • 15% dealer net rebate on ALL replaced parts

  • 3-year/5,000-hour warranty on major remanufactured components

  • 1-year/2,500-hour warranty on all Volvo genuine parts

See the rebuild in action with Volvo CE's refurbishment time lapse.


Ready for your rebuild? Contact your Highway service manager today for more details or to schedule one.

Based on article originally posted by Volvo CE

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