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Highway Gets Head Start on Penn College Intern Interviews

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Highway Equipment & Supply Co. held technician internship and technician assistant panel interviews at Penn College’s Schneebeli Earth Science Center in Montgomery, PA, on Friday, November 8, 2019. These interviews followed first-round phone interviews in October 2019.

The Heavy Construction Equipment Technology Technician Emphasis (HCE Tech) students, along with one Diesel Technology student, interviewed with Highway staff from the location they were interested in as represented by:

  • Vice President, Drums and Lock Haven

  • HR, Marketing, & Communications Manager, all four branches

  • Service Manager, Brownstown

  • Service Manager, Lock Haven

“Highway knows there is a lot of competition to get these students due to the superior education they receive at Penn College. As interest in Highway was so high, so early in the recruiting season, we decided to get a head start on pursuing the students we wanted. Holding the interviews at the Earth Science Center now allowed Highway to meet with the students sooner, rather than waiting until the December or Spring holiday breaks,” said Highway’s Vice President.

Chris Weaver, Penn College Heavy Construction Equipment Technology faculty, shows Highway’s Brownstown Service Manager around the hands-on lab

HCE Tech students are required to complete a 240-hour internship prior to graduation. In Lock Haven, Highway also offers a part-time technician assistant position with the flexibility to work around the selected student's school schedule.

The HR, Marketing, & Communications Manager explained that Highway’s internship and assistant positions aren’t just about Highway assessing a student’s skills. The students get to experience that there is more to their career than just a paycheck.

“Hopefully, they fall in love with Highway’s culture too. If they are a hard worker with the skills and personality to match our culture, then ultimately our goal is to hire the interns and assistants full-time after they graduate. We want them to want to make Highway their career home.”

Highway’s increased presence and higher visibility on Penn College’s campus has driven up interest in internships with Highway.

Highway's regional service manager spoke with students who visited Highway's booth at Penn College's October 2019 Career Fair

The HR, Marketing & Communications Manager pointed out that the October 2019 Career Fair was the first time students sought Highway out specifically based on hearing feedback from other students and graduates and seeing Highway more actively involved on campus.

Students will receive follow-up and/or position offers before November 28, 2019.

Following the interviews, the Lock Haven service manager commented, “I was pleasantly surprised to meet such a diverse group of students who all realized the potential of their degree and what their skill set can bring them.”

An internship is still available at Highway's Harrisburg branch. Interested Penn College students should send their resume and cover letter to


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