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Penn College Plays in the Dirt With Volvo VIP Experience

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

On Thursday, March 7, Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn College) administration and faculty received a V.I.P. Volvo CE Customer Center Tour at the Shippensburg, PA, facility. Ian Harvey, Volvo CE Director of Product Marketing & Communications, hosted the experience.

The attendees viewed a presentation of Volvo CE's history and evolution. Following the presentation, the group was escorted through the LEED-certified manufacturing and assembly facility.

"The trip was a great experience. I am so glad that Volvo could arrange a tour for us," said Chris Weaver, Penn College Instructor. "I had an amazing time learning the history of Volvo and seeing how the machines are built. The tour was beyond my expectations."

"Once the tour was complete, product specialists from the Customer Center helped everyone onto the excavators, wheel loaders, and haul trucks for some playtime in the dirt at the 80-acre demo site," said Ryan Flood, Vice President, Highway Equipment & Supply Co.

Penn College Attendees Included:

  • Brett Reasner, Dean, School of Transportation and Natural Resources

  • Chris Weaver, Instructor, School of Transportation and Natural Resources

  • Jamie Miller, Assistant Director of Corporate Relations

Contact your local Highway sales representative to schedule your own Volvo CE V.I.P tour.

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