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Hit the Road With Volvo CE & Carlson

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

For December's featured product line, team up with Volvo CE and Carlson Paving Products to get ready for the upcoming paving season.

Pave Your Way

Whether your job is road construction, paving, patching, overlays, or municipal work, Highway has your paver.

Volvo CE designs its quality mid-size and highway-class asphalt pavers with ease of operation, durability, fuel-efficiency, powerful engines, and more in mind.

Long's Asphalt from Quarryville, PA, with their P7110

Pave from every angle with 360-degree visibility with adjustable seats that extend beyond the edge of the paver, providing an unobstructed view of the auger tunnel, hopper, and material flow.

To deliver top performance, Volvo CE designed a precise hydraulic system that provides low fuel-consumption, high response, and greater control at your fingertips. The Four Sensor System ensures proper material flow to match the paver's speed, thus keeping the job smooth and consistent.

Choose from ABG tracked, Blaw-Knox wheeled, or Blaw-Knox tracked pavers, and fit one of Volvo CE's adjustable front- or rear-mounted screeds in minutes with the machine's built-in quick-coupling system.

Carlson Paving Products is an industry-leading manufacturer of commercial-class asphalt pavers, attachments, and award-winning front- and rear-mount highway screeds. Located in Tacoma, Washington, Carlson designs, engineers, and builds all of its products to the highest quality.

Choose from two wheeled city pavers or the four tracked commercial-class options.

Go to to see a full listing of paver models, specifications, and detailed product brochures.

Get Rolling

Volvo CE has everything you need to meet your road construction, site-preparation, and aggregate/soil compaction needs.

Choose from a wide range of double-drum asphalt compactors, from the DD15 to the DD140C and the unique PTR240 and PT125C pneumatic tire rollers. Experience a smooth, quality finish from a superior drum vibration system without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

The Volvo Tier 4 Final engine delivers high torque and low RPM to further increase the machine's performance and lower your operating costs, and the adaptive engine control system optimizes power output. Add the optional auto-idling and auto-engine shutdown features to further reduce fuel consumption.

Volvo CE manufactures three single-drum soil compactors, each featuring maximum versatility and performance, operator comfort, and low noise levels.

With adjustable vibration frequencies, multiple frequency and amplitude settings, and three different configurations, each compatible with a smooth or padfoot drum, you control the machine's performance from the cab to match your application. Volvo CE soil compactors' adaptive power feature automatically adjusts the engine and hydraulic systems to run optimally based on varying soil types and conditions.

Go to to see the full line of compaction equipment models, specifications, and detailed product brochures.

Mention #RP1219 to Your Sales Representative

Mention #RP1219 to your sales representative to receive the following seasonal services on your road equipment from Volvo CE and Carlson:

  • Audit - An assessment of your equipment lineup to help you determine what you need

  • Inspection - An examination that ensures your machines are in working order

  • Discounts - 10% off parts and labor

Look for #RP1219 on Highway's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages.



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