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Volvo CE Scores Sourcewell Contract

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

For the second time in a row, Sourcewell awarded Volvo CE a four-year heavy construction equipment contract after a competitive solicitation process. Volvo CE was one of the top-scoring respondents to a Request For Pricing that was sent to 14 manufacturers.

The Sourcewell contract allows Volvo CE and Highway Equipment & Supply Co. to better serve state and municipal customers by streamlining access to Volvo CE's entire product line with the most competitive pricing available.

What is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell, formerly NJPA, is a leading government agency specializing in cooperative purchasing. Their procurement experts have awarded more than 325 competitively-solicited contracts to world-class companies, including Highway Equipment & Supply Co., on behalf of their 50,000 public-agency members.

“Moving away from the traditional bid process is a win-win for equipment manufacturers, our dealer networks, and the taxpaying citizens of our country," said Government-Buying Contract Specialist Kathy Tedone, Volvo CE. "Manufacturers and dealers can meet customers' specific needs and promote equipment based on its true merits: quality, technological advancements, safety, residual value, and lifetime cost-of-ownership."


For more information about Highway and Volvo CE's Sourcewell contracts and municipal sales, contact your sales representative or click here.

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