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The ASV Impact - Key Takeaways

The “grandfather of snowmobiles” and founder of Polaris and Arctic Cat, Edgar Hetteen teamed up with another snowmobile buff, Gary Lemke, to bring ASV to fruition. The endeavor, born out of a decline in snowfall in the eighties that caused a dip in finances, was to create a vehicle that would be useful in ALL seasons – ergo the name ASV, “All Season Vehicle”.

Initial designs were a cross between a tractor and snowmobile, with the body type of a truck and the use of rubber crawler tracks. The light footprint was evident from the start and brought about the expansion into the, now well known, Posi-Track loader design. This design came in the 90’s and one of a kind.

ASV has been built on the idea that impact on the environment should be minimal and the desire to improve the quality of life for customers. These machines are designed with comfort, control, power, and reliability as a priority. The patented Posi-Track® technology is a unique design intended to reduce wear and tear on machine and track while also providing better traction and overall capabilities in all terrain.

There are several models in the ASV lineup. Model names represent the estimated horsepower output. Take the RT75, offering 75 horsepower of performance and Max-Series cab. This machine has become an industry icon perfect for larger construction jobs and site work. 75’s boast the industry’s highest ground clearance at 14.4 inches. Posi-Track® technology allows a longer running time and track life. Serviceability is optimal as with all ASV Compact Track Loaders. Operators have ease of access to the engine and sight gauges for the usual service items.

The Max-Series cab was a design that covered new territory in the compact track loader world. Operators can feel comfortable with more head, leg and shoulder room, upgraded air conditioning and visibility all the way around. Paired with a 7” touchscreen for monitoring and control and a state of the art seat, long hours of operation are no problem.

ASV offers a wide range of attachments for each of their models. From buckets to blades and everything in between, they’ve got the right tool for the job, keeping machine versatility one of the key factors of becoming an operator favorite.

Key Takeaways:

· Industry-leading 2 year/2000 hour full machine factory warranty

· ASV no-derailment guarantee

· Industry leading ground contact and low ground pressure

· Patented lugs designed for max sprocket engagement and high efficiency

· Consistent lug spacing and no seams in ASV tracks

· Tracks are pre-stretched to maximize lifespan

And a far-reaching network of dealers, among which, Highway Equipment & Supply Co. is proud to be a part of! We look forward to helping you find out if an ASV Compact Track Loader is the next one to add to your fleet!

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