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Power Comes in Small Packages

Volvo CE compact wheel loaders, Highway's featured product of the month for August 2019, possesses high-tech components that meet the strictest quality requirements.

"Volvo CE compact wheel loaders have the highest ground clearance compared to our competition," said Territory Sales Representative Drew Dugan, Brownstown. "The machines are really versatile; you can use regular quick-couplers or skid steer attachments with them."

Bob Malpass, President of Malco Landscape, Inc., in Harrisburg, PA, uses an L30 for snow removal, loading, offloading, and transporting product to trucks and trailers.

"With the skid-loader front-end bracket, all the attachments are interchangeable, whether they're hydraulically-driven or manually-driven," said Bob. "Compared to other machines, the L30's visibility is phenomenal: I can see everything from the front, back, sides, and rear. The fuel-efficiency with the high speed for travelling on and off jobsites is remarkable."

Additionally, Bob praised his L30's operator-comfort features, including quietness, heated seats, and efficiently-located controls.

"Everything I need is right at my fingertips," he said.

Mention #VCE819 to Your Sales Representative

Contact your sales representative to add a Volvo CE compact wheel loader to your fleet, and get a discounted rental rate by mentioning the ad code "VCE819." Offer ends August 31, 2019.

Look for #VCE819 on Highway's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages.

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