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Volvo CE Tops Competitors in Excavator Loading Test

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Forester Network released a report on November 30, 2018, about a product test to spotlight the fuel, time, and monetary costs associated with inefficient excavators. The case study determined that Volvo excavators came out on top in fuel costs, tons per hour, labor costs, and time required to meet the target production.

Volvo tested two large crawler excavators, the EC350E and the EC380E, against two popular, comparable models from unspecified competitors. Using the cost per hour and cost per ton metrics, the test concluded that the Volvo excavators save thousands of dollars in both categories.

Each machine, equipped with a fuel meter, operated at maximum operating power as the operators loaded materials into trucks. The testing coordinators based their calculations on 50-minute work hours and eight hours per day.

The results showed Volvo delivered a 20% lower cost per ton and a 15% lower cost per hour than the competing models.

Contact your local Highway sales representative to start running your jobsite more efficiently with a Volvo excavator. To view the free Forester Network report, click here.

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