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Volvo Pushes Load Assist Real-Time On-Board Weighing Accuracy to ± 1%

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

The updated Load Assist On-Board Weighing provides payload accuracy within ± 1% on every bucket while the machine is moving.

Volvo Construction Equipment has updated the Load Assist application for its L110H to L260H wheel loaders and, together with a new version of the Android platform, operators will now get real-time information on every bucket’s load within ± 1% accuracy.

“Load Assist, On-Board Weighing gives operations a level of accuracy that will improve their efficiency and productivity even more, helping to reduce over-loading, under-loading, reweighing and waiting times,” said Eric Yeomans, product manager, wheel loaders, Volvo Construction Equipment. “Additionally, our system is dynamic, meaning wheel loader operators can weigh their loads on the move.”

Real-Time Information

The on-board Volvo Co-Pilot display is a 10-inch, high-resolution touchscreen that works with the On-Board Weighing app, which captures all load data via pressure and position sensors, to provide real-time information, including the loading progress, to operators.

This dynamic system provides on-the-go bucket measurements to eliminate workflow disruption. Colored bars help the operator visualize tonnage in the bucket, already delivered, and still needs to be delivered. Icons indicate why the weight is not locked properly.

Other Key Updates