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Electric Construction

Early Adopter Review

Jacques Marais is the director at Baltic Sands, Inc. out of Yucca Valley, California. His company specializes in environmentally sensitive, luxury off-grid property development and real estate. He’s been working with machines all his life — and electric has always been on his mind.

“I’ve always been curious and quite anxious to see where this is going and how we can apply electromobility to our business,” he says. “I can’t emphasize enough how excited we are to be in this position right now. I just have a sincere belief that this is the future.”

Jacques and his crew have piloted the two Volvo electric machines in Southern California and it’s his hope that this is just the beginning.

Volvo Construction Equipment Electric Mini Excavator ECR25 at work in a forested area.
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Electric machines are impressively quiet, which makes them prime candidates for work in populated areas — especially on projects that require nighttime work or operation in residential areas. Digging or moving material outside a bedroom window , school zone or hospital room will be no problem at all. As more cities and states work on charging infrastructure for electric passenger vehicles, Volvo electric construction equipment can make a logical addition to their equipment fleets as well. 


Indoor construction jobs cause a unique set of problems for workers. Construction equipment needs to be compact enough to fit through tight spaces, yet powerful enough to complete the job. Ventilation also poses a problem as diesel-powered equipment emits exhaust fumes. Indoor projects can now benefit from the low noise and zero emission levels Volvo electric machines offer.

Where it used to take several laborers doing manual work or using smaller electric tools, now an electric compact excavator can dig or an electric loader can move material indoors without polluting enclosed spaces or causing major disruptions.

Food Production

Yet again, zero emissions save the day. In a setting like a greenhouse, orchard or fish hatchery, electric machines can carry supplies or materials in and out without exposing products or workers to hazardous emissions or loud noise. This can also increase work productivity by eliminating the need to transfer from a diesel machine to equipment that can come indoors, or even manually unloading from outside to inside.

Volvo Construction Equipment Electric Line L25 Wheel Loader and ECR25 Mini Excavator on display in a city environment in the evening.

Add Silence

We live in a fragile world and it's time to help it along. Not just talk and make a lot of noise. It's time to change the way things are done. Volvo CE is committed to build the world we want to live in. A world where progress is made in a sustainable, efficient and peaceful way. They know that being sustainable equals being successful – what's good for people, society and the world is ultimately good for your business. To that end they've launched a range of electric construction machines. Outstanding performance delivered with fewer vibrations, no exhaust fumes and less noise. The time has come to Add Silence.

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