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Volvo CE Lampoons Traditional Telematics, Offers ActiveCare Direct Tips

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Volvo CE's new three-part humorous video series spoofs traditional telematics systems' confusing fault codes.

Video Series: "Telematics That Simply Speak Your Language"

Each 50-second telematics video addresses a common issue you may encounter with your excavator, including:

The videos compare traditional confusing telematics codes with ActiveCare Direct's simple-to-understand case alerts.

“Confusing telematics fault codes were one of the inspirations for ActiveCare Direct in the first place,” said David Adams, Volvo CE Product Sales Manager, Connected Services. “We know excessive, complex fault codes are no laughing matter, but we wanted to take a light-hearted approach in the hopes that more fleet managers will see what ActiveCare Direct does to make machine maintenance easier.”

Excessive Regens

Your operators are busy, but sometimes their workload causes them to abort regens, which is bad for the machine. With fault codes, you could assume a regen is the cause, but it’s not always obvious. A case alert from ActiveCare Direct will tell you know exactly what the issue is, what caused it, and what will happen if you leave it alone.