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Bobcat® Equipment Puts Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Updated: May 5, 2021

Step up your operating game with Bobcat’s MaxControl Remote Operation. What can the remote operation app do for you?

Have you ever needed an extra set of hands? With MaxControl and your iPhone with iOS app, you get that! MaxControl allows you to simplify some of your two person jobs into a one -person task with just the use of your machine, a simple hardware kit and the app on your iPhone. Adding this economical and efficient helper to your operation means you can finish jobs without as many trips in and out of your cab, saving you time and relieving you from some challenges that come up on the job.

The app is very simple to use. You’ll select the machine you are using, then select any operators you’ll want to control that machine. The remote kit allows you to operate any Bobcat machine with selectable joysticks through the app and has an operating range of about 300ft.

Some of the jobs MaxControl Remote Operation can make easier:

· Backfilling

· Post Digging

· Trailer Loading

· Dirt & Truck Loading

· Picking Rocks

· Bale Loading

· Gate Opening

One of our clients recently became the first to install this awesome new kit! He’s excited to play with what is like a new remote toy and looks forward to simplifying daily work functions. Fun bonus? He used it to pick up his “future equipment operator” from the end of the driveway when he got off of the school bus!

Want to learn more about what MaxControl can do for you? Contact us!

Bobcat also has some great videos you can check out to see the new features in action.

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