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What's in Your Fleet?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

On August 2, 2018, Drums customer support representative Adam Drumheller and Lock Haven Territory Sales Manager Brian Hoffman delivered a Volvo L350H wheel loader, a redesigned upgrade of the L350F and the largest Volvo loader available, and held a walk-around and operator familiarization training session with the customer. On August 27, Lock Haven Lead Technician John Winter conducted a technical training session with some of the customer's master mechanics.

Smarter, faster, and tougher than the L350F, the L350H was upgraded with the latest innovative technology and features, including 10 percent better fuel efficiency, next-generation powertrain hydraulics, a new operator environment, a Tier 4 Final D16J engine, a larger bucket, and more.

The new load-sensing hydraulic system delivers improved response, resulting in up to five-percent faster cycle times, and the fully automatic power-shift transmission on the L350H allows it to work in an optimal gear range for greater efficiency in all operating conditions. Its Eco-Pedal has a push-back mechanism that engages if engine speed will exceed the most efficient range.

Contact your local Highway sales representative to add an L350H to your fleet today.

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