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Preventing Overgrowth Damage on your Property

You may notice trees and heavy brush on your property becoming unruly. Unfortunately, this overgrown vegetation can do more than just ruin your curb appeal. Additionally, if you let it pile up, it can become overwhelming to maintain.

How Failure to Remove Brush Can Lead to Damaged Land and Lost Money Getting rid of brush can help reclaim lost ground and make it like new. Here are some ways your property can suffer damage from overgrown brush:

  • Losing track of your property line: Trees can help define your property line. With proper maintenance and care, you can make a living fence by using manicured vegetation to create a boundary. The boundary is only one benefit. It can also provide an added layer of privacy to your property.

  • Blocking off your yard: If the land is left unkept for more extended periods, the process of cleaning and clearing becomes more daunting and expensive to tackle.

  • Becoming vulnerable to wildfires: A surplus of brush and overgrowth can easily ignite under the right conditions- destroying property, putting your home, neighboring land, and structures at risk.

  • Requiring more expensive solutions: If you want healthy, sustainable property, you'll need to invest in overgrowth and brush removal. Even if you reclaim the land yourself instead of hiring a contractor, you will still have more work to do, and equipment to buy. You'll save money by removing overgrown trees and brush at the beginning stages of their growth.

How To Clear Overgrown Land Before starting any project, you should make sure you have the following safety protective equipment:

  • Safety Polycarbonate Door for your carrier

  • Eye protection

  • Gloves

  • Long-sleeved shirts and long pants

  • Hard Hat

Ensure there are no structures, people, or pets within 300ft/100m of where you will be working. Survey the Land and Prepare for Brush Disposal

Before you start clearing brush, be sure to walk through and access your project and devise a plan of attack. Take note of any obstacles you will need to work around such as large rocks, abandoned trash, fences, or other buried treasure. For trees still standing, you'll need to decide if you want to save or clear them. With the trees you’d like to remove, mark the trunk around a foot above the ground with spray paint or something similar to indicate their removal. This makes it easier for you to identify them while you are working. Cut Down Dead or Damaged Trees Now you can begin the process of removing and processing trees. To clear these trees, you have a few options to select from, which include:

  • Chainsaw: Cutting and clearing with a saw is often used and economical to clean up small areas of overgrowth, but is labor intensive.

  • Skid-Steer Rotary Mower: Using a skid-steer or track loader paired with a rotary mower can tackle the slow and tedious hand clearing work and remove smaller debris instead of having to be hauled off or put through a wood chipper. This unit can cut and mow down all of the underbrush quickly and effectively.

  • Skid-Steer Mulcher: A skid-steer mulcher is a valuable addition to any large-scale clearing or reclamation project. Whether it is disc-style or a drum-style mulcher, these attachments get work done quickly and are capable of removing large trees. This option will mulch the vegetation and trees into smaller chips and create a nice even layer of organic material promoting soil health returning the nutrients back to the ground.

Remove Tree Stumps When you cut down trees, clear trees by hand or have trees that have broken off, you are often left with a stump and roots to contend with. Part of clearing overgrown brush can involve deciding the best way to remove the tree stumps. A great way to handle this removal is with a Skid-Steer Stump Grinder. The use of a stump grinder is a fast, efficient way to remove unwanted stumps below ground-level and is an effective way to finish up a job. Preventing overgrowth damage on your property is essential. This is prevention is achievable with a commitment to vegetation management by using heavy-duty land clearing attachments. These mulchers, mowers, and stump grinders can help remove the overgrown brush with ease from your skid-steer or track loader, eliminating unwanted vegetation from your land. Explore Land Clearing Attachments from Diamond Mowers With a skid-steer attachment from Diamond Mowers, you can cut, mulch, and grind a variety of trees, brush, and grass to remove them from your property. We recommend our mulching attachments to take control:

  • Skid-Steer Disc Mulcher: For cutting trees and shrubs up to 14 inches in diameter and mulching trees and shrubs up to 6 inches in diameter

  • Skid-Steer Drum Mulcher: For mulching trees and shrubs up to 9 inches in diameter

  • Skid-Steer Stump Grinders: For effectively removing any tree stump below ground level

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