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Highway Meets Advancing Technology Challenges with Hybrid Service/IT Role

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Highway's senior technical advisor (left) and service IT/systems support representative (right)

Faced with increased uptake in telematics and complex onboard computer systems, Highway Equipment & Supply Co. created an innovative, hybrid role: the service IT/systems support representative. In the six months since the position launched in September 2019, its value has been realized through productivity gains, better deployment of resources, and an extensive knowledge base that benefits Highway’s customers.

Highway is among the first heavy construction equipment dealerships to apply mechatronics to the heavy equipment service industry. The service IT/systems support representative, the newest member of Highway's Customer Support & Solutions Team, provides technical and consultative support for Highway's Service departments and performs updates and maintenance on computers, equipment software, diagnostic tools, and other computer-based features and options.

“My background in mechatronics and computer diagnostic and analysis software tools allows me to do more than just free up time for our technicians. It gives me a multidisciplinary edge when working with our customers’ equipment to effectively resolve any issues,” said the service IT/systems support representative.

With over 20 years of IT service experience in the industrial field, Highway's IT/systems support representative can meet customers' software, product, and re-gen update needs by phone, in person, and in the field, depending on the specific request.

"It's been a huge help to us in the shop!" said Highway's service coordinator, Harrisburg. "Now, our technicians can focus on what they do best."

To reach Highway's IT/systems support representative, call 717-418-7182 or send him an email. For more information about Highway's Customer Support & Solutions Team, download this flier.


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