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Building Our Future with 'Bigger Diggers': A New Children's Book by Highway Equipment Employee

Mia McGlynn, Highway Equipment & Supply Co. Marketing Coordinator holding her latest book, Bigger Diggers.

Highway Equipment & Supply Co. is proud to announce that one of our own employees, Mia McGlynn, has recently published a children's book titled "Bigger Diggers". The book features heavy equipment, which is a subject that is, obviously, something we get pretty excited about! It’s been featured in a local community paper, and we are thrilled to be part of the inspiration behind the characters.

The Mountaintop Eagle recently published an article about "Bigger Diggers" and Mia's inspiration for writing it. The article highlights Mia's experience working here, at Highway, and how her time spent in the equipment industry influenced her decision to write a children's book with machines at the forefront.

The book features illustrations of a few pieces of equipment as the main characters, which were developed from Mia’s work learning about, and photographing, the equipment she’s around daily. The story teaches children a lesson in embracing differences and working as a team, while using imagery relating to the construction industry.

At Highway Equipment & Supply Co., we believe that the trades are an essential part of our society, and we are thrilled that Mia's book can help promote interest in this field. We are always looking for ways to support and promote the trades, and we believe that "Bigger Diggers" is a fantastic way to introduce children to heavy equipment and the work that goes into building our roads, bridges, and infrastructure.

Bigger Diggers open to page with line of real machines in the background.
Bigger Diggers shown here at our Drums location.

Check out the Mountaintop Eagle's full article here, to learn more about Mia’s book. "Bigger Diggers" is available for purchase on Amazon, or at and we believe that it would make an excellent addition to every equipment loving family’s library. We hope that this book will inspire young readers to have an interest in heavy equipment and the trades, and maybe even consider pursuing a career in the industry someday.


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