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Drums Staff "Wow" Bobcat Customers

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Highway's territory sales manager, Drums (left) and equipment coordinator, Drums (right)

Highway recently received a one-day record of 3 10-out-of-10 "Wow" ratings from Bobcat customer surveys. Eric George from The Towamensing Trails Property Owners Association (Towamensing Trails) provided one of the "Wow" ratings in a follow-up survey on their skid steer purchase.

In his response, Eric commended his territory sales manager, who teamed up with the Drums equipment coordinator to provide superior customer service.

According to the feedback provided by Bobcat, the territory sales manager was "great to work with." When Towamensing Trails was purchasing their machine, the territory sales manager brought Eric to his shop, showed him the sizing options, and went over the features with him. Since they started working together, the territory sales manager communicated quickly and consistently.

The equipment coordinator who delivered the machine brought his personal rental machine key when Eric's was not working. This, the Bobcat representative explained, really stood out to the customer as "a kind gesture and good business."

"They do an incredible job coordinating with each other to make sure the customers are taken care of," said Highway's vice president. "It's an amazing show of teamwork. Thanks to their efforts, we received a one-day record of three 10-out-of-10 'Wow' ratings."

Have you been "wowed" by Highway's staff? Email your customer service experiences to for consideration.

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