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Tight Fit? Try Volvo CE's New ECR18E and EC20E Compact Excavators

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Volvo CE launched two new E-Series compact excavators in January 2019: the ECR18E and the EC20E. The latter comes with a range of significant performance gains versus the D-Series model it replaced, while the ultra-short-swing ECR18E is an entirely new addition to the Volvo lineup.

ECR18E: Short Tail, Big performance

We’ve seen growing demand for a short-swing model in the compact class, particularly in the rental market, which our new ECR18E is well-positioned to serve. -John Comrie, Volvo CE Compact Excavators Product Manager

This excavator, equipped with an ultra-short-swing radius, features a 0.5-inch rear overhang when the tracks are fully extended.

Designed for low maintenance costs, the ECR18E covers all applications. Certain new features will appeal to rental businesses and landscape contractors, including:

  • Top-mounted boom cylinder

  • Large upper frame tie-down points

  • Electric ISO/SAE pattern changer

  • Purpose-built canopy with heavy duty pillars

EC20E: The Revamped Two-Ton

We listened to our customers’ needs and improved our popular D-Series with updates that make the EC20E more productive, more versatile, more durable, and easier to maintain. -John Comrie, Volvo CE Compact Excavators Product Manager

Key EC20E features include:

  • Independently-adjustable auxiliary hydraulic flows in each direction, offering the best in speed and control

  • Optional second auxiliary line

  • Optional auto engine idle and shutdown

  • Fold-out coolers

  • Electric ISO/SAE pattern changer

Versus its predecessor, the new EC20E offers a 13 percent increase in tractive force, 22 percent increased lifting capacity at the front, and 7 percent increased lifting capacity at the side.

Improvements on Both Machines

Low height, variable undercarriage

  • 79 inches tall and 39 inches wide with undercarriage retracted

  • Can fit nearly anywhere

  • Undercarriage extends to 53 inches for excellent stability

Easy maintenance

  • 50-hour greasing intervals

  • Hinged access to fuel, oil, and filters

New counterweight and panels

  • Three cast-iron parts protect the rear while allowing easy access to components

  • Side/rear panels are now made of stamped steel

Lifetime warranty

  • Frame

  • Boom

  • Arm

Contact your local Highway sales representative today for more information about the ECR18E or EC20E.

Article Courtesy: Volvo CE

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