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Sales Feature: Duff DeFalco

Charles “Duff” DeFalco was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA. “That makes me a coal cracker,” he said.

When he was three hours old, his uncle gave him the nickname “Duff” because he thought his newborn nephew appeared more Irish than Italian.

“Some of my fondest childhood memories were moving dirt with my buddies and our toy trucks, and now I work with real machines!” he said.

Duff started his career in the construction industry as a parts department employee at another equipment dealership, then moved up to the position of Parts Manager. Then, in 1998, he started at Highway Equipment & Supply Co. as the customer support representative.

“I enjoy going out visiting with customers and helping them with their issues.” He is happy to have gained the trust of a lot of the customers he built relationships with over the years.

Duff has a wife, Tricia, and one daughter, Alyssa. “I also have a knucklehead of a golden retriever, Bailey.”

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