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10 Tips for Rainy Day Productivity

Rainy days can throw a wrench in your project schedule. Depending on the job, it may be unsafe to work in extremely wet conditions. It may even be downright destructive. Instead of losing the day, take advantage of the opportunity to catch up on your administrative and equipment maintenance to do lists.

Here's 10 tips to help you stay productive and even get ahead on rainy days.

1. Catch up on quotes/bids.

You've probably found yourself wishing for a few more hours in a day at least once or twice. This is especially true in small business management. You have to work in the present and plan for the future and that means keeping up with new prospects for work. Find that rainbow amidst the gloom that's changing your workload for the day and get those quotes out for upcoming opportunities.

2. Follow up with clients.

Have you recently finished a project? This is a great time to reach out to the client to make sure they are satisfied with the results. Keeping in touch with contacts with whom you have done past business is a great way to continue word of mouth advertising for your business, as well as, to obtain constructive feedback so that you can improve if needed.

3. Review outstanding invoices and follow up on collections.

Do you have a list of client invoices with outstanding balances? Sometimes a simple call as a reminder or to request payment is needed, but you don't always have the time to do it. If you're stuck inside, take a few moments to touch base with your past due clients.

4. Work on your schedule adjustments.

Your undoubtedly going to have to shuffle some of your projects if the day becomes a wash out. Take a look at future forecasts and gauge how you will reschedule these projects without major setbacks. Review project deadlines and contact customers to let them know your plans. Sometimes a simple contact to keep the customer informed is all it takes to make an average business transaction turn into and excellent one.

5. If you’re hiring, work on job descriptions, listings, and interviews.

If you are trying to expand your team, you may find it difficult to get ads placed, review applications and even schedule interviews. Bad weather days are perfect for assessing your company's needs and scheduling or conducting meetings.

6. Evaluate & update your website and marketing tactics.

You don't have to be a computer guru to know what you want representing your business. Is your website up to date? It's important to take some time to review it. The internet is often the first place your clients will go to find you. This is the front door and face of your business. Make changes or make a list of changes and contact your designer to get the adjustments done. Your website and your marketing go hand in hand so while you're at it, look at your marketing plan. Is it up to par with your competitors? Is it nonexistent? What do you want to convey to potential customers? Get creating or get a plan of actionable items to your marketing department.

7. Sharpen/Clean Tools.

Your tools are usually in motion so when you have a day of rain, take some time to assess the safety and quality of them. When you take time to make sure your tools are at their best, those same tools will be what helps you keep your work at its best!

8. Do preventative maintenance like oil changes and fluid checks.

You work your equipment hard. While its best to be on a preventative maintenance schedule, it's also quite beneficial to use inclement weather as a opportunity take a closer look, tend to some details you've put off, or simply do the standard fluid checks to ensure that your equipment will keep working for you.

9. Take inventory.

Depending on what you stock to conduct your business, this could be a simple task or a very in depth project. If you have the time, use it to inventory your parts and supplies. Create lists and process and save the data for future evaluations. You will be glad you did when you find a much needed part in short supply!

10. Order shop supplies.

When it rains, it pours, so you might have placed some not-so-fun tasks farther back on the to-do list. Purchasing can be a time consuming endeavor. Perhaps you do a cost analysis to be sure you are getting the best quality at the best price. Perhaps you are in need of a new vendor for something in particular. Get it done while you're stuck inside so you don't have it looming overhead anymore!

Don’t let inconvenient weather get you down. With these 10 tips you’ll find plenty to do in your office and your garage to keep you productive and ready to hit the ground running when the clouds clear!


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