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Avant Articulated Loaders: Small, but Mighty

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

That little green machine you may have seen? It didn't just come to the party to look "cute". It came to WORK. So, where did Avant Articulated Loaders come from? Furthermore, what can they do?

Avant first presented its articulated loader design in 1995, but had already been established for several years in the industry having found an application in farming that wasn't adequately served. This original product catered to cow farmers who needed a cost effective way to feed cows that would take less time and require less labor.

As Avant continued to make their equipment stand out, they expanded their development to appeal to various customer segments. The hard work proved worthwhile with the expansion of countries served and Avant found a sales increase, at this point, 80 machines per month as opposed to the 80 machines they sold in their first full year!

Product development has been at the heart of the company with an emphasis on creating a well groomed, high quality, efficient and versatile machine. The result? Avant now sees sales of 80 to 90 machines in 1 WEEK!

So, what makes this machine so successful?

From a brand standpoint:

  • Continuous Product Development

  • Effective Marketing

  • Global Sales

  • Customer Focus

  • Designer Experience

From a product standpoint:

  • Versatility

  • Attachment options- more than 200!

  • Efficiency

  • Comfort (wide range of available options from tires to loading ramps and AC cabins)

  • Power

  • Agility

  • Light Frame

  • Affordability

  • Size

  • Easy Operation

  • Low Maintenance Costs

  • Easy Transportability

What are our customers saying?

Our team has held various demo events and conducted on site demos for our valuable customers to learn more about these tiny but mighty machines. Overwhelming feedback from those we've spoken with is that, aside from the comfort and ease of operation, the productivity levels are amazing. Some of our happy customers have reported the ability to reduce the amount of people and the amount of time on a job.

Operators report that the seat is nice and close to the attachment which allows them to maintain and unrestricted view and even in an open cab, they stay toasty with the heated suspension seat option!

Contact a Highway Equipment & Supply Co. Specialist to learn more and setup your demo today!


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