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Avoid These Mistakes & Save Money

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

It’s inevitable. Your equipment is eventually going to break down. No doubt, it takes a beating, so how can you reduce the impact a breakdown would mean to your operation?

It should go without saying that preventative maintenance is key for optimal performance. Would you agree? Do you follow a routine schedule? My guess is that when time becomes limited and productivity is imperative, the scheduled maintenance is the first thing to get pushed to the back burner. After all, things may appear to be working fine. “If it ain’t broke…” as they say.

You might be counting on your operators to recognize any early warnings of issues and react accordingly, before it’s too late. Realistically, though, early signs of a failing machine function often go completely unnoticed.

It’s important to keep that preventative maintenance among your top priorities no matter where it falls in your business season. If you’re busy and want to stay that way without major interruption, the routine stuff may actually help in picking up on the small stuff, so as not to allow it to turn into big stuff! A quick time out and an inexpensive fix here and there can ultimately save you from something far more catastrophic and costly.

While we’re on the topic of maintenance, don’t get carried away. Too much of anything is never good. The same can be said of equipment maintenance. More than necessary will just drive up costs and parts use while also creating unnecessary wear in those areas being frequently accessed.