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Best Wheel Loaders for Fuel Efficiency

As the price of fuel continues to rise, you might be feeling the impact in your earthmoving or material handling business. What equipment are you running? Have you taken the time to evaluate your total cost of ownership? Is it time to start considering a more fuel-efficient wheel loader? Volvo CE Wheel Loaders are the answer to rising operating costs because they are designed with your total cost of ownership in mind, which means fuel efficiency, serviceability, and retained value are constantly being evaluated and improved upon.

The popular Volvo L90H is the perfect machine for any application and can perform with up to 20% greater fuel efficiency, keeping you productive even in the current economic climate. The L90H features greater lifting height and increased speed. It’s a versatile machine built to drive productivity while saving money for the owner. The L90H has gained popularity for its exceptional load stability and easy adaptation to various applications, but where productivity is concerned, this machine truly performs. Using the Volvo attachment bracket streamlines the process of changing tools on the job. Volvo has engineered buckets to handle whatever task and whatever materials. They’ve even thought of pallet handling. Equipping the wheel loader with Volvo’s heavy-duty forks maintains great visibility and allows for smooth navigation around work areas where pallet and material handling take place.

Features like Eco pedal and lock-up function allow users to really hone in on fuel consumption and make adjustment to operations to create ideal cycle times and fuel use. Smart Control makes machine optimization a no brainer by ensuring that the engine and hydraulics work together to add to the prime performance and fuel savings.

As an added perk, it’s never been easier to use a machine to its full potential. Load assist is an operator app that puts all the real time, relevant information at your fingertips. The map allows viewers an easy look at the work site and the traffic conditions while the optional rear-view camera and radar detect system allow for a full view of immediate surroundings. A digital notepad, calculator and weather display are also integral parts of the load assist capabilities which allow the user to eliminate the need for various extra accessories like pen and paper and a calculator. Load assist makes improving on productivity and efficiency a pain free process that operators can appreciate!

When you are evaluating your needs for equipment that will serve you better, you can’t go wrong with one that is winning awards and promising savings! Volvo CE products won EquipmentWatch awards 6 years running. Three different categories of wheel loaders were winners in 2021 with Large and medium wheel loaders earning that of highest retained value and compact wheel loaders earning the lowest cost of ownership (for 4 years now)!

EquipmentWatch does an extensive analysis of data and awards cover overall machine categories (not just individual models by manufacturer.) So, you can be sure the Volvo CE products are standout among the rest!

Volvo invests a great deal of time and effort in determining how to design machines in a way that will help customers make money, so focus is always on ways to improve on total cost of ownership and resale value.

Large and medium wheel loaders rank highly, in part, due to money saving features like reverse by braking which assists in extending the life of the machine’s components, and compact wheel loaders are proven to allow for long service intervals by using the best components and implementation of ground level greasing points.

Volvo helps retain value of their machines by use of innovative service offerings like telematics. A lifetime frame and structure warranty and a fuel efficiency guarantee support the overall machine values as well.

Curious about how a Volvo Wheel Loader can help your bottom line? Call us to schedule a demo!


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