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Bobcat Equipment: The 5 “P’s” That Make Them a Major Player

Gone are the days of using a shovel and a wheelbarrow to work in a tight space. The

compact equipment industry has become a multi-billion-dollar global enterprise and Bobcat® Equipment is, in large part, to thank for that. From the early days of development to present day industry leadership, the Bobcat brand has proven, time and again, that it’s here to stay.

Pioneer – The humble beginnings of Louis & Cyril Keller marked the first steps in becoming

the pioneers that would shine light on the innovation that would become known as compact equipment. Blacksmiths, the

Keller brothers, were adept at creating small custom equipment for farm use when a turkey farmer approached them about creating a machine that would allow him to efficiently clear the second floor of his barn. The brothers approached the challenge with zeal, ultimately creating the first three-wheeled compact loader. The machine success came quickly and demand was met by combining forces with another team of brothers, owners of Melroe Manufacturing Company.