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Bobcat Equipment: The 5 “P’s” That Make Them a Major Player

Gone are the days of using a shovel and a wheelbarrow to work in a tight space. The

compact equipment industry has become a multi-billion-dollar global enterprise and Bobcat® Equipment is, in large part, to thank for that. From the early days of development to present day industry leadership, the Bobcat brand has proven, time and again, that it’s here to stay.

Pioneer – The humble beginnings of Louis & Cyril Keller marked the first steps in becoming

the pioneers that would shine light on the innovation that would become known as compact equipment. Blacksmiths, the

Keller brothers, were adept at creating small custom equipment for farm use when a turkey farmer approached them about creating a machine that would allow him to efficiently clear the second floor of his barn. The brothers approached the challenge with zeal, ultimately creating the first three-wheeled compact loader. The machine success came quickly and demand was met by combining forces with another team of brothers, owners of Melroe Manufacturing Company.

The official brand “Bobcat” was born bearing in mind the characteristics representative of the animal: Quick, agile and tough.

Passion – Since the inception of the brand, Bobcat Equipment has been shaped around a passion to develop products that would make an impact. From its roots of development with the Keller and the Melroe brothers to present day engineering as part of Doosan Bobcat, the Bobcat identity has been driven by loaders and the continued ambition to expand, improve upon, and innovate new technology and advancements within that arena and beyond.

The passion doesn’t stop with the equipment. The Bobcat Company also has a passion for projects within the community. Partnering with various nonprofit organizations to raise awareness and funds has been something that the brand has consistently done. Using its widespread popularity has enabled the company to help support much needed programs. Some past passion projects have included partnerships with the National Disaster Dog Foundation, The Village Family Service Center, the Wounded Warrior Project. Bobcat Company has also regularly donated to STEM programs in local schools, made machine donations to various university programs, provided donations to homeless shelters & veterans programs, and even conduct annual charitable giving campaigns and volunteer opportunities.

Purpose-built Power - At one time you would have been hard pressed to find a machine that could accommodate a small workspace, let alone provide the power needed to get a tough job done. Big power meant big machine. Bobcat® has built its reputation on being a

mong the most versatile and purpose-built choices available, bringing power to any job, any size, any application. The engineering team is always investigating ways to improve the product line.

Performance – You can’t just bring power to the table. The product has to be about performance. The Bobcat team knows this and has expanded the equipment capability and technology, in addition to expanding the overall product line, over the years, with that in mind. Bobcat presented the first keyless-start and the first solid-mounted undercarriage, as well as a deluxe instrumentation panel which provided valuable insight to important diagnostics. Bobcat Company took the lead in the compact equipment industry from early on endeavoring to keep that lead with the constant new development of technology and new features that would allow the product to outperform its competition.

The introduction of the Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system was a cornerstone to creating and easier product use for customers in the 70’s. The development of ROPS to keep operators safe was another key element added to the industry by Bobcat and has since been adopted by the entire compact equipment industry. The addition of telematics has been yet another step in the right direction so that owners can keep equipment at peak productivity.

Bobcat has built a reputation for industry-leading performance allowing customers to work harder and smarter than ever before.

People - In the beginning, compact equipment stood out due to the creative efforts and testing done by the Keller Brothers. Going forward, the Melroe Brothers gave the ability to mass produce the product allowing the birth of the compact equipment industry. Talented engineers have helped to keep the brand on top.

The Bobcat brand is what it is because of the people behind it. Today there are more than 900 independently-owned and operated dealerships that provide the service and attention Bobcat customers have grown to trust and rely on. Highway Equipment & Supply Co. is proud to offer Bobcat Equipment through our Drums, PA location. We are here to support your needs, help you grow your business and empower your operators to take on the toughest jobs!

Contact our Bobcat Specialist today to find out how to take your fleet to the next level!


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