• Mary Wagster

Fall in Love With Carlson Paving Products

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Carlson Paving Products, Highway's featured product line for February, is an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty, rebuildable, commercial-class paving equipment and superior screed technology.

What sets Carlson apart from its competitors?

1. Superior Front-And-Rear-Mount Highway Screeds

Choose from four "EZ" mount screeds, each available in 8-foot or 10-foot models. The Carlson exclusive screed taper facilitates outboard flow of material towards the endgates whether the augers are in operation or not. These screeds offer high mat quality, enhanced paving performance, and rugged dependability.

Other industry-first features include:

  • Adjustable single-slide track support

  • Integrated berm builders

  • Fully-adjustable deck cone system for easy screed leveling

2. Comfortable Commercial Paver Platforms

From driveways to interstates, maximize your productivity, organization, and comfort with Carlson's ergonomically-friendly paver platforms, which include:

  • Deep walkways

  • Shovel holders

  • Tool trays

  • Conveniently-placed cup holders

  • A Carlson exclusive oven for meal preparation (seriously, how cool is that?)

3. Attachment Innovations

Built with road and worker safety in mind, Carlson's six screed accessories include:

  • Carlson Safety Edge to create uniform, 30-degree roadway edges

  • LED Blade Light powered by AC and DC sources

  • Joint Density Attachments for achieving higher longitudinal joint density figures

  • Tapered Notch to create safer work zone transitions from existing to new surfaces

  • Bolt-On Extensions for superior mat quality at wider widths

  • Power Tunnel, a hydraulic tunnel extension for highway-class tractors

Find your love by contacting your Highway sales representative to get a quote or schedule a demo on a Carlson paver. For a full list of models, specifications, and product brochures, visit www.hwyequip.com/pavers.


4500 Paxton St. 

Harrisburg, PA 17111

PH: 717-564-3031

FAX: 717-564-3568

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Ephrata, PA  17522

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FAX: 717-859-2685

15 Honey Hole Road

Drums, PA  18222

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Lock Haven, PA 17745

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