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Customer Feature: Meet D.H. Funk

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

"The greatest lesson I've learned from my grandfather was putting people first, because this is a tough industry. It's tough on people and equipment. Giving back to people and taking care of people are really big things for us." -Brian Funk, D.H. Funk Partner, Vice President of Facilities & Equipment

East of Route 15 and adjacent to Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA, you will find D.H. Funk & Sons, a third-generation, family-owned construction company, working the Oakwood Hills project with a Volvo CE fleet.

"The overall project is two separate projects: one side commercial and one side residential," said D.H. Funk Partner, Project Manager Jordan Funk. "The owners of this project are Rider Musser Development Group, and they are working with Wohlsen Construction, which we're partnering with for the site management portion."

As of December 2018, D.H. Funk had completed 85 percent of the project's first phase.

"The next phase will probably take us into the latter part of next year," said Jordan. "We have a vast amount of dirt to move in a short amount of time: 300,000 yards of cutting and filling."

According to Jordan, D.H. Funk is ahead of schedule thanks to their Volvo CE machines, which include:

  • One 45-ton excavator

  • Four 40-ton trucks

  • One 35-ton truck

"I think we surpassed what we thought was possible to get done," he said. "To get the quality we needed with the challenges, it really worked out."

"We continue to use Volvo due to the relationship with Volvo and our local dealer," said Brian. "The relationship with Joel [Territory Sales Manager, Highway Equipment & Supply Co.] and Highway is huge; they're very quick to respond to give us a loan or a rental unit to try to get us through a gap in our fleet, or if we have a unit down, they're always willing to work together with us."

According to Brian, D.H Funk's Volvo CE machines are dependable, productive, reliable, and cost-effective.

"Our operators really like the units," he said. "They [the Volvo CE machines] were also productive and cost-effective, so we can put them out in the toughest conditions for D.H. Funk and perform on the site."

About D.H. Funk

Location: Columbia, PA


Mission: To provide customers with quality workmanship at the best competitive price.

"We are the third generation of D.H. Funk," said Jordan. "Our pappy started the company in 1975. We bought the company in 2016."

D.H. Funk is affiliated with ABC, NFIB, and ICCA, and some of their major projects include:

  • Oakwood Hills in Mechanicsburg, PA

  • Warwick Woodlands in Elizabethtown, PA

  • UGI Headquarters in Denver, PA

  • Ironstone Ranch in Elizabethtown, PA

For your own D.H. Funk experience with the efficiency, dependability, and cost-effectiveness of Volvo CE machines, contact your local Highway sales representative to schedule a demo.

If you have a project you would like to feature, contact Mary Wagster, HR, Marketing, & Communications Assistant, Highway Equipment & Supply Co. to spotlight your Highway equipment in a customer feature.

Video Credit: Volvo CE

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