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Diamond Mowers' New 72-Inch Drum Mulcher has Teeth for Your Job

Click here to download the detailed spec sheet.

Q: What can I use a drum mulcher for?

A: The drum mulcher is one of the most versatile skid steer forestry attachments, second only to the rotary mower. It is ideal for urban, suburban, and rural areas, and there is no limit to the amount of trees and brush it can handle. While the rotary mower is ideal for up to eight inches of material, the drum mulcher can handle up to eight and beyond, and up to nine continuously.

Q: What are some of the drum mulcher's key features?

A: Features and advantages include:

  • 41 hardened steel teeth for productive cutting

  • Anti-wrap plates to protect the drum and prevent material from wrapping

  • Attachment depth comparable to loader bucket for ease of operation

  • Continuously mulches material up to nine inches

  • Depth-control rings to control bite size

  • Drum shell shaped specifically to to mulch material effectively

  • Minimal maintenance required

  • Mulches material to less than one inch for quick decomposition

  • Spins at 2500 RPM to cut quickly

  • Variable-displacement piston motor for maximum productivity

  • Weighs 3,190 pounds

Q: Why should I use a drum mulcher?

A: Drum mulchers are safer to use near homes, bystanders, livestock, and utility lines than other skid steer attachments.

Q: What can I attach the drum mulcher to?

A: High-flow skid steer loaders (32-45 GPM)

Volvo Skid Steer Configuration Chart:

Bobcat Skid Steer Configuration Chart:

Bobcat skid steers are available at Highway's Drums branch.

Q: What other cutting widths are available for Diamond Mowers drum mulchers?

A: 64-inch and 84-inch

Q: How much does the 72-inch drum mulcher cost?

Q: How can I get a drum mulcher or learn more about them?

A: Contact your Highway sales representative to add a drum mulcher to your Volvo or Bobcat skid steer, or to find out more about our full range of Diamond Mowers attachments.

Watch the 72-inch Drum Mulcher in Action

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