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See Why The Volvo EW60E Performs Like a Smooth Operator

Do more in less time with Highway Equipment & Supply Co.'s August 2020 Product-of-the-Month, the Volvo CE EW60E.

The compact, but mighty wheeled Volvo CE EW60E sets a higher standard for being a smooth operator with these features:

  • Smooth combined operations allows you to make highly accurate movements

  • A Volvo Tier V Stage-4 final engine

  • A top speed of 18.6 mph

  • Four-wheel drive that allows you to go off-road for better mobility and access to hard-to-reach job sites

  • All-around visibility from the cab with no blind spots

  • A standard idle that helps reduce your fuel consumption

  • Auto-engine shutdown which shuts the engine off automatically at a preselected time, lowering fuel cost and noise

  • A stopped hour meter reduces maintenance expenses and increases the machine's resale value

  • And more. See full details and specifications in the Volvo CE EW60E Brochure