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Break Ground, Not Budgets: Discover the Gradall Difference

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

With four base excavators and four attachable, specialized machines, Gradall provides accessibility to depths and spaces you can't get to with other brands. Each of these eight unique models feature a low-working profile and a tight tail swing to fit the machines into tight spaces or avoid obstructing traffic on narrow roads.

The highway speed and crossover excavators' on-and-off rubber tire undercarriage stability allows the machines to pick and carry material and work in any direction without outriggers, and the electronic joysticks in the other two excavators and all four specialized machines provide precise control over boom and attachment positioning.

But what really makes the Gradall difference? The boom.


Each Gradall model showcases a full-tilting, rotating, telescoping, triangular boom with full power at any boom angle through the entire dig cycle.

For efficient sloping, grading, and material-spreading, the full boom rotates 220 degrees on the highway speed and crossover excavators, and up to 360 degrees on all other models except the aluminum mill maintenance machine.

Highway Speed Wheeled Excavators: Why Drag It When You Can Drive It?

Gradall’s highway speed wheeled excavators can drive to and from your jobsite at up to 60 mph, saving you the expense of an extra truck or trailer. The upper structure and carrier are powered by a single Volvo engine that increases fuel efficiency by five percent, and the all-new electric remote drive system provides easy chassis repositioning.

Visit for specifications and product brochures for these models:

  • XL3100 with 4 x 2 or 4 x 4 drive

  • XL4100 with 6 x 4 or 6 x 6 drive

  • XL5100 with 6 x 4 or 6 x 6 drive

Crossover Excavators: Break Ground, Not Budgets

A popular choice for municipalities or contractors who need to get a job done quickly, Gradall's Discovery Series crossover excavators are the cost-effective alternative to the highway-speed models. Travel up to 55 mph on a Freightliner truck chassis and choose between a traditional, one-person operator cab or a Freightliner cab that accommodates a driver and passenger.

Visit for specifications and product brochures for these models:

  • D152 with 4 x 2 drive

  • D154 with 4 x 4 drive

Rough Terrain Wheeled Excavators: Let No Terrain Stand in Your Way

Also known as the on/off pavement model, Gradall's rough terrain wheeled excavators deliver the stability and power you need to maneuver easily on smooth surfaces like traditional wheeled excavators and on uneven dirt or rocky landscapes like crawler excavators.

Accomplish more with one machine in less time; each model boasts industry-leading cycle speeds, a highly-mobile undercarriage, and a stable digging platform that allows you to work in any direction without the need to stop and lower the outriggers. These full-time four-wheel-drive excavators can travel up to 20 mph on the road.

Visit for specifications and product brochures for these models:

  • XL3300

  • XL4300

  • XL5300

Crawler Excavators: Not Your Average Excavator

Gradall's V-Series crawler excavators allow you to work in low spaces where conventional booms won't fit. These machines feature a single Volvo engine that meets the highest global standards, including Tier-4 Final emissions requirements. Each track is powered by a dual-range, high-torque piston mower, and the tracks counter-rotate to pivot the machine about the swing centerline.

The machine's triple grouser excavator pads come in a choice of widths to enhance rough-terrain maneuverability with speeds up to 3.4 mph. To ensure travel and stopping capabilities, each model has three-stage planetary drive with an integral speed-limiting valve and an automatic spring-set hydraulic release wet disc parking brake.

Like the on/off pavement models, Gradall's crawler excavators include industry-leading cycle speeds, and a stable digging platform that allows you to work in any direction without the need to stop and lower the outriggers.

Visit for specifications and product brochures for these models:

  • XL3200

  • XL4200

  • XL5200

Steel Mill Maintenance Machines: Standard-Setting Durability

On crawler or rubber tire undercarriages, Gradall's rugged steel mill maintenance machines bring efficiency and 360-degree rotating versatility to demanding metal mill environments.

With a heavy frame for lateral support, a heavy boom cradle, and a short tail swing, these machines are tough enough to handle vigorous pounding and vibrations and designed to work in tight spaces and hot, challenging conditions.

Aluminum Mill Maintenance Machines: Articulating Booms in Action

Similar to steel mill maintenance machines, Gradall's durable aluminum mill maintenance machines are compatible on crawler or rubber tire undercarriages. The tough, articulating boom's unique movements allow the machine to effectively work inside furnaces by reaching through the mouth, skimming dross, and maintaining the furnace's walls and bottoms.

The boom can raise 29 inches horizontally and tilt 8.1 degrees above grade and 19 degrees below grade.

Mine-Scaling Machines: Tackle Tight Spaces With Ease

Handle the rigors of mine scaling in tight spaces and under low ceilings with an on/off pavement excavator and mine-scaling machine, which features full-boom tilt, double rollers, high-pressure, load-sensing hydraulics, consistent force, and other high-performance, high-durability features.

The powerful, 360-degree rotating boom allows you to scale mines at hard-to-reach prying locations while avoiding overhead obstructions. Deliver appropriate scaling power without wasting fuel by deploying the boom's two-section telescoping feature that extends as far as 48 feet, 9 inches.

Railway Maintenance Machines: Great For Rails and Roads

Control the High-Rail gear from the comfort of your operator cab. On highway speed or on/off pavement wheeled models, Gradall's railway maintenance machines are the industry's most versatile and mobile of their kind. Use this do-it-all solution for rail repairs, construction, vegetation control, ballast spreading, landslide cleanup, rail-and-tie replacement, and more.

Each model features DMF 1650 High-Rail axle assemblies made of high-strength alloy steel, 16-inch, customizable guide wheels, wheel brakes that work in conjunction with the excavator's braking system, and front-and-rear rail sweeps and tow bar plates. The guide wheel rail gear system allows the excavator to be propelled by the machine's drive system.


To schedule a demo or get a price quote, contact your Highway sales representative. Visit for a full list of models and specifications.

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