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Heavy Equipment Operation Questions You Should Be Answering

The use of heavy equipment remains a vital part of creating the modern day world we enjoy. From the roads we travel to the materials we use, you don't have to look far to find a machine making things happen. Operators have an immensely important job that, without proper care and training, can be extremely dangerous. So what are some actions that can be taken to ensure safety on the jobsite and create an efficient and productive work environment? Here are a few questions you can answer to help keep your operation running smoothly.

1. Do your employees know the equipment? Do they take all the appropriate safety precautions when operating? Do they know your emergency procedures?

Don’t just assume they know. So often we just get right to the job at hand, but be sure to take time to do regular reviews and trainings to keep it fresh! Complacency often equals injury.

2. Are your operators evaluating the equipment before use? What are they checking? The brakes? Fluids? Lights? Tracks or Wheels? EVERY DAY.

There are a lot of moving parts and these machines are doing some tough and dirty jobs! It’s important for the safety of everyone on the jobsite that an operator knows his (or her) machine and can spot damage.

Drop by our Highway Equipment & Supply blog to get a copy of a great excavator prestart & end of shift checklist.

3. You’ve got deadlines. I get it. But we want everyone to get home at the end of the workday. What happens when you rush? You skip things. You forget things. You overlook things. Mistakes happen, which then slow you down anyway! Perhaps the scariest thing that happens when in a rush as an operator, is that safety becomes compromised. Remember, in any times of haste, an injury or worse will make things come to a screeching halt!

4. Effective communication is the key to everything! Your jobsite is no exception. Is everyone aware of guidelines? Do they know what safety measures to take? Do they know the appropriate signals for the job, what to watch out for, and where to be during specific operations? Ensuring your team is all on the same page will reduce risk of injury and keep your job on track.

5. Phones. We take them everywhere. Remember back before the routine use of

mobile phones you went somewhere, did a thing, returned and caught up with anything that was necessary….answering machine messages, family conversations, you name it.

And you know what? It was all okay. We live in an age of constant stimulation and instant gratification. When you work around equipment, the safety of you and your team has to be top priority so save the phone checks for break time!

6. As equipment operators, you probably work on various job sites all the time. Each site presenting a different set of parameters that you need to work within. Does your team know their surroundings? Your location, your situation, your requirements are always changing so you need to be sure to take a look around and recognize any potential hazards. Make sure your team knows the hazards and knows how to stay safe.

At Highway Equipment & Supply Co., your operation is important. We value our customers and want them to have the best equipment & training, and to operate safely!


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