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NPK - 2 Tools You Can't Live Without

Powerful & popular, NPK offers a variety of hydraulic attachments for the construction industry. This premier brand is known for its product quality and high standards. Let’s take a closer look at two of our favorites!

First up, Hydraulic Hammers. With no shortage of uses, these are a must have for the job site. NPK has dedicated mounting kits, so whether you are operating a mini or full-size excavator, a backhoe, a skid steer or a wheel loader, you won’t have to worry about compatibility. The overall design is well thought out to serve efficiently with excellent power-to-weight ratio and a unique gas charge piston.

The work environments are brutal where these attachments are needed so it’s important that they be reliable and easy to service. NPK covers all the bases with their simple, 2-moving-parts design, bottom tie rod nuts, and quick-change tool system with single round retainer pin. An auto greasing system simplifies lubrication.

Once in a while, a hammer may need to be rebuilt. As we mentioned, the working environments are brutal! NPK thought of that too. In the event that a hammer does need a rebuild, the costs can be reduced by a factor of five to ten because of their replaceable sleeve design. That makes these tools the industry’s easiest & lowest cost, body-rebuild system.

So, where can you put one to work? Here are a some of the applications where the hydraulic hammer can make a huge impact:

  • Rock breaking

  • Slag breaking

  • Reducing oversize material

  • Concrete breaking and recycling

  • Road construction

  • Sidewalk and curb construction

  • Commercial / selective demolition

  • C&D recycling / sorting

  • Underwater applications

  • Site excavation

  • Scaling and tunnel excavation

  • Trenching

Next, we’re looking at Plate Compactors/Drivers. A force to be reckoned with, NPK Compactors are known for delivering the greatest impulse forces, which enable you to pack particles closer together. These attachments are built to provide the exact power you need and to be able to work wherever you need. The design allows the workers to remain a full boom’s length away from the site of compaction ensuring overall safety in an otherwise risk prone job.

The importance of versatility and budget were at the forefront of the NPK Compactor design. The use of your carrier’s hydraulic system saves money on fuel, while also reducing the need for the purchase of additional machines or tools to do your job. NPK also has dedicated mounting kits for compactors to enable use on mini or full-size excavators, backhoes, or wheel loaders.

And, just how versatile can this compactor be? Check out a few ways you can put it to work:

  • Compacting or driving anywhere a boom can go, and often where a man cannot.

  • Aggregate and soil compaction

  • Trench compaction, as deep as a bucket can dig

  • Steep slope compaction

  • Soil stabilization

  • Waste compaction at waste transfer stations, etc.

  • Breaking up frozen coal, salt and other material

  • Backfilling, including trench backfilling

  • Driving pile, wood, fence posts, guardrail posts, rail and I-beams, piling and seawalls.

  • Vinyl, wood, or aluminum sheet pile installation

  • Extracting sheet pile as well as other pilings

As you can tell, NPK has a solid reputation in the construction industry. The NPK trademark is recognized as synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction. Highway Equipment & Supply Co. is a full stocking sales, parts and service dealer. We are also proud to be an authorized rebuild center with factory trained technicians.


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