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ONE Machine For ALL the Work: Gradall

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

When it comes down to getting a job done, you may only need ONE machine: the Gradall Excavator. Gradall was born out of the need for something that could handle the work of several men and several machines. The global shortage of workers at the time inspired this unmatched force to be reckoned with. So, really, what can a Gradall do?

The Gradall Series V excavators are the model of efficient operation and take today’s environmental concerns into consideration without losing the original focus of the Gradall brand. These machines are ready for a wide variety of jobs and locations combining the power, speed, productivity and versatility that customers value.

Just the facts.

The Highway speed Gradall Excavator:

· T4 compliant

· VOLVO Penta diesel engine

· Engine meets highest global standards

· 7.7 liter 248 HP

· 24 Volt Electrical System

· Integrated cab

· The ONLY hydraulic excavators manufactured exclusively in the USA

Defining the Gradall Excavator’s capabilities makes one wonder what this machine can’t do. The low profile boom design allows it to work in spaces that conventional knuckle boom excavators just can’t go. (Think tunnels, ground floors of buildings, under bridges.) That boom makes it possible to do the same work one would do with a backhoe, grader, excavator, or crane. How? It’s full tilting, telescoping, triangular design allows for precise positioning of attachments.

Speaking of attachments, the Gradall quick-change attachment design allows for a range of uses. Operators can perform tasks from drainage work to mowing, demolition to cleanup, with the load-sensing hydraulics that were created to apply the right amount of power in any situation. Cycle times remain consistent with that of conventional excavators.

Not only are these machines a workhorse that will cover lots of territory sending your productivity levels to the moon, they will also save the time, cost, and headache of dealing with transportation. No need for a lowboy trailer when you can drive the machine up to 60mph from site to site and then back to the yard!

It’s no wonder why the Discovery Series excavator models received the Silver Award in the category of Specialty Excavators from the 2020 Contractor’s Choice Awards of Roads & Bridges magazine. So, don’t just take our word for it! Operators are backing the Gradall performance!

Want to find out more about the difference a Gradall excavator can make on your next job? Contact us!


· Asphalt & Concrete Repair

· Mass Excavation

· Demolition

· Barrier Placement

· Ditching

· Sloping

· Finished Grading

· Spreading Rip-Rap

· Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Replacement

· Tree & Vegetation Trimming

· Storm & Canal Clean-out

· Right-of-way Clearance

· Material Movement

· Culvert Replacement

· Mowing

· Guardrail Clean-out

· Debris Cleanup

· Brush Cutting

· Bridge Replacement

· Landscaping

· Dredging


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