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Project Management: Unexpected Breakdowns

Many factors contribute to the successful management of any project. In the heavy equipment world managers must deal with budgets and deadlines, which are directly impacted by unexpected breakdowns of equipment.

The costs of equipment failure can add up quickly.

  • · Emergency repair

  • · Parts rush orders

  • · Shipping & hauling fees

  • · Nonproductive hours

  • · Delayed project

  • · idle crew

  • · Unexpected equipment rental or purchase

This list goes on.

How can you plan ahead to keep your job on track and keep your breakdowns to a minimum?

Telematics is key and Volvo’s ActiveCare® Direct gives managers the data needed minus the confusion of data deciphering. Volvo Construction allows project/fleet managers to avoid downtime and issues by providing 24/7 rea

l time monitoring, communication directly with dealers and monthly reporting that takes any guesswork out of the equation. The daily monitoring and data collectio

n is reviewed by analysts at Volvo’s Uptime Center where they evaluate issues and make the appropriate contacts saving owners and managers time, money, and hassle.

ActiveCare® Direct is included free for a year on applicable new machine purchases. To see a list of eligible machines click here or contact us to learn more.

Interested in adding ActiveCare® Direct to your older machine? Contact us to determine eligibility. If the machine is equipped with updated CareTrack® (and has at least 3G) hardware we can help you start the process and you’ll only need to answer a few quick questions to get signed up.


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