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Tame Your Summer Workload with Avant Articulating Compact Loaders

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Avant's Financing Offer Extended to August 31, 2020

An Avant Offer too Good to Refuse

Take advantage of 0% financing for up to 48 months or receive a cash discount in lieu of financing on your Avant equipment purchase through August 31, 2020.

Choose from Avant’s seven model sizes, including the new 800 series with a 4,190-pound lift capacity, and the fully electric e-series. With over 190 quick-change attachments, you can use an Avant articulating compact loader for tree work, landscaping, farming, construction, and more.

The New 800 Series: Avant's Largest, Most Powerful Model

Avant 800 Series
  • Highest-lifting capacity, pulling force and drive speed - as high as 18.6 mph

  • High-flow auxiliary hydraulics runs all Avant attachments

  • Standard telescopic boom

  • Wide range of options

  • Cab with A/C available

  • Optidrive™ drive circuit improves loader performance as much as 10%

The New e5: The Fully Electric Avant

Especially suitable for indoor use where ventilation is limited or non-existent and there are strict noise restrictions.

Battery-powered electric loade

  • Zero emissions

  • Extremely low noise

  • Low-operating costs

  • Equipped with a lead acid battery unit

  • Standard integrated battery charger making it possible to charge batteries anywhere a 230 volt/10A power outlet is available. The e-series can also be operated while charging the batteries.

  • Optidrive™ drive circuit improves loader performance by 10%

Ongoing Avant Advancements

Avant has been busy rolling out new equipment and attachments beyond the 800 series and the e5:

  • A new efficient and easy-to-operate stump grinder that chews up the competition by mounting the cutting disc crosswise to the loader for excellent visibility and increased safety

  • New Avant 423 and 523 models bring greater torque to the 400 and 500 series

  • New Avant 530 with double speed and 10% more pushing power compared to the Avant 528

For more information on why you need to get an Avant, see the full Avant lineup.

Don’t Let Avant’s Compact Size Fool You: These are Multi-Functional Workhorses that Get the Job Done

Contact your Highway sales representative to learn more about these special offers so you can add an Avant articulating compact loader and attachments to your fleet.

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