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The Case for Electric: What's in it for YOU?

There’s no question, the market is hesitant to adopt electric construction equipment. It’s new. It’s different. It means change. Humans are generally pretty resistant to change. In fact, in one study between humans and primates learning a shortcut to a previously learned behavior, humans took far longer to accept and adapt, and almost a third of them still resisted using the shortcut -even after most participants had adjusted (* As humans, we often elect to stick to what we know rather than embrace something new…. Even when that ‘something new’ presents opportunities to improve on situations and processes.

So, how can e-mobility help to improve on situations and processes within the construction industry?

The Volvo ECR25 Electric Excavator being operated by a guest at a demonstration event.
Volvo CE ECR25

The goal in developing new technologies has been to build a more sustainable future and to make progress that will ultimately have less negative effects on the environment. The same interest goes hand in hand with improving and growing your whole operation. How does electric construction equipment benefit YOU? Entertain this thought, if you will…

First, electric construction machines from VCE offer zero exhaust emissions allowing them to be operated almost anywhere, which includes indoor spaces! Think of the places you would be able to work in if you added e-mob to your fleet? How would your market expand based on the type of jobs you might be able to add to your offerings? No fumes. More opportunities. That sure seems like it has a lot of potential.

Second, maybe you can ditch the ear plugs… no we’re not telling you to stop using PPE, but we’re making a point… these electric machines are crazy quiet! Have you heard them operating? No, you haven’t, at least, not that you KNOW of! Because, they do not have the familiar engine noise you are used to hearing from your machines. You might actually be able to hear yourself think. You can definitely hold a conversation, and you just might save yourself a few headaches!

Highway Equipment employee demonstrates the Volve CE ECR25 to onlooking attendee at recent event.
Operating the ECR25 Volvo Electric Excavator

While we’re talking about saving headaches, it cannot go unnoticed that the reductions in vibration create a waaaaayyyy more comfortable operating environment! To us this says: less fatigued workers = SAFER workplace. Guess what. A safer workplace means lower costs to you too! Did you know that fatigue is the blame for contributing to a large portion of on the job injuries and fatalities? On the job injuries can be costly on so many levels, so while this potential “creature comfort” gain might seem an easy one to discount as unimportant, we’d reason it’s a definite benefit to ownership.

Okay, now you see a few ways the electromobility equipment can stack up from a simple human perspective. How about we get to the grit of the work and see how an electric machine might stack up against its diesel counterpart?

Well, aside from a higher operating weight, the VCE Electric machines, for example the ECR25 electric excavator or the L25 electric wheel loader, share specs of the diesel comparisons nearly exactly. (Though the high-speed version of the loader is not available in North America at this time). The life of a battery in the electric machine should run similar in length as would the life of the diesel engine as well. So, in the grand scheme of handling your job? E-mob can do what its diesel comparison can do… only it can do it in more places.

Open view of L25 on display at dealer event.
VCE L25 Electric Wheel Loader

But, here’s something you probably aren’t thinking about. When evaluating operating costs between the diesel machine and its comparable electric option, you’ll find a markedly significant difference in run time hours when performing jobs that require machines to sit idle. The diesel machine might have 10,000 hours over the course of a few jobs, while the electric might have 6,000 hours over the course of the same jobs. Why? Because, an electric machine motor turns off as soon as the operator stops doing the work. The operating costs are lowered and the resale value is improved. That ROI keeps showing up, doesn’t it?

Heavy equipment is an investment. Akin to change, investing is not taken lightly. We all want to know that our investment is going to retain its value and give us a great return. There’s a lot that goes into making those decisions. That’s why Highway Equipment & Supply Co. is here for you and stays on top of the latest technology and advancements in the construction industry. Helping our clients build and maintain successful businesses in the heavy equipment world is our priority, so we bring you the products of manufacturers that are leading the way.

Image of ECR25 Excavator on site for an event
Volvo CE Emobility Mini Excavator & Wheel Loader

Volvo Construction Equipment is a major player that has already spent years innovating in the electric machine arena. They were the first manufacturer to make the move to committing to an electric compact machine range and continue to make strides in the development of electric equipment.

As a proven innovator and industry leader, having brought us the likes of the first articulated dump trucks, we know & trust that VCE will remain on the cutting edge of this new electric era, bringing us answers to all the hard questions and solutions to all the complex jobs.

Whether it’s your priority to create a more sustainable future environment, or you’re ready to lower your energy and operating costs, electric equipment is here to stay. The equipment industry has been making advances in the direction of safer, more environmentally friendly machine designs for many years. When planning for the future, it’s important to have the appropriate resources to rely on for proper innovation, education, and reliability. Volvo Construction Equipment has been a leader in the construction industry for all of those reasons & more, and now, as they usher in a new wave of machines in the Electromobility line up, you can count on VCE to continue with their proven commitment to excellence.

If you’re ready to look into adding e-mob to your fleet, it’s just gotten even easier with Volvo’s new all-inclusive lease! This Volvo Financial Services program for electric machines allows you to work with us to set the length of the contract, hours for machine operation, and monthly payments, and then develop your maintenance plan, extended coverage, physical damage insurance, and even the option to finance a battery charger purchase within the lease terms. Reach out for more details or check out the All Inclusive Lease Bundle here.


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