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New Volvo Wheeled Excavators Available through HGACBuy & Sourcewell

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

In early October, 2018, Volvo Construction Equipment added three new wheeled excavators, the EWR150E, EWR170E, and EW220E, to its lineup of machines available through HGACBuy and Sourcewell purchasing cooperatives for governmental and nonprofit customers.

To meet growing market demands and further diversify what HGACBuy and Sourcewell can offer their members, Volvo doubled its number of wheeled excavator models in April 2018, adding to the existing EW60E, EW160E, and EW180E. These three machines are also available through HGACBuy and Sourcewell.

“Volvo wheeled excavators are becoming an integral part of more and more government fleets thanks to their mobility and versatility,” said Volvo CE Wheeled Excavators Product Manager Matt McLean. “Many municipalities consider them a viable and more capable replacement to backhoes and truck-mounted excavators.”

Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative purchasing agencies, such as HGACBuy and Sourcewell, are government entities that competitively solicit, evaluate, and award cooperative purchasing contracts to streamline the procurement process for their members by satisfying the bid process.

Many government agencies who are facing budget cuts, personnel reductions, and increased-efficiency demands find this avenue attractive as the contracts allow compliance without duplication of effort. They provide municipal customers the freedom and flexibility for advanced budget planning while saving time and money for themselves and their taxpayers.

Because Volvo and Highway have contracts with HGACBuy and Sourcewell, municipal customers can purchase, rent, or lease Volvo equipment more easily and efficiently to ensure the best price without going through a traditional bid letting process.

Wheeled Excavator Benefits

"With recent flooding in Northeast PA, a wheeled excavator would be very beneficial for rebuilding bridge abutments, washed-out areas, and roadside drainage ditches. The ease of moving the machine without having to trailer it saves time and hauling costs," said Territory Sales Manager Adam Bogert, Drums. "Quoting with cooperative purchasing programs and available grants allows less-funded municipalities can purchase equipment from us at affordable prices."

In the North American market, wheeled excavators are rising in popularity due to local U.S. municipalities recognizing the benefits European contractors have been gaining from using them.

"The best thing about wheeled excavators is their versatility," said Field Technician John Winter, Lock Haven. "They can go up and down the road, along the asphalt, and just about anywhere without damaging the surface. You can operate them at a higher speed than an average excavator and add a wide range of attachments, from tipping buckets, to grinding heads, to hammers."

Contact your local Highway sales representative to add a wheeled excavator to your fleet and find out if you qualify for one of the many cooperative purchasing programs our company is affiliated with.

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