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Winning This Winter: 4 Quick Picks for Snow Management

When the seasons change, you need your machine capabilities to keep up. With so many options for equipment & attachments, we thought we’d give you a run-down of some of our picks for snow management!

Avant: What makes it great?

There is no shortage of options for attachments with Avant Articulated Loaders as you may well know, and snow management is no exception. Snow removal can be done using a bucket or dozer blade. They also offer a snowplow, snow broom, or snow blower option. A hydraulic or towable spreader is the perfect addition to get the job done.

Recommendation from one of our experts: Kill two birds with one stone with a blower or blade in front and a spreader at the rear of the Avant loader. For sidewalk or smaller path clearing you can combine an angle broom with the salt spreader.

ASV: Built for this.

ASV machines are built in Northern Minnesota so you can expect them to be ready to perform in snowy conditions. All weather tracks are standard for their compact track loaders and the patented Posi-Track® tech provides great traction and pushing power.

Recommendation from one of our experts: Pair the ASV compact track loader with a snow blade or light material snow bucket and you’ve got yourself a cold weather workhorse.

Volvo CE: Game Changer.

Volvo CE Wheel Loaders work great for larger snow clearing jobs and have a great variety of attachment options. Equipped with the Kage Snow Storm System, you can take your snow removal game to the next level! This system combines plowing and pushing into one machine seamlessly by allowing the operator to switch from the cab. The Kage system allows versatility in handling cleanup or break out during heavy snowfall.

Recommendations from one of our experts: SnoGo® Snowblowers by Wausau are known for unbeatable performance and reliability. Paired with the Volvo Wheel loader, you can take on the big stuff!

Bobcat: Did someone say snow?

Bobcat Company is always ready for winter with a variety of machines and attachments. The Bobcat Skid Steer is a popular choice for winter weather management. With great attachment versatility and 360 degree maneuverability, you can’t go wrong.

Recommendations from one of our experts: The Bobcat Skid Steer loader paired with the Kage Snow Pusher Pro or the Berlon SnoGrr will arm you an efficiency power house against the white stuff.


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