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Experience the Avant Advantage

Avant Tecno USA, Highway's featured product line for November, is the fastest-growing articulating compact equipment company in North America.

Find The Right Size to Match Your Job

Choose from five model sizes or the fully-electric e-series. Each model features an excellent weight-to-lift ratio, minimal surface impact, 360-degree visibility, an offset telescopic boom, ease-of-operation, and compatibility with hundreds of attachments.

Cut The Cost, Keep The Quality

The use of modern hydraulics makes Avant loaders strong and durable while remaining light and agile. The machines' compact and lightweight design is powerful enough for your toughest jobs while using less horsepower, which means less surface impact and lower operating costs.

Switch Out Your Attachments & Use Your Loader Year-Round

The articulating compact loader's unique attachment coupler and hydraulic mini-connector allows you to change your attachments quickly.

With hundreds of attachments and multiple cab options, Avant's articulating compact loaders are multi-purpose little powerhouses that get the job done inside, outside, on roofs, and in basements, snow, dirt, grass, forests, and tight spaces.

Put your Avant to work in multiple applications, including:

  • Landscaping

  • Artificial Turf & Sports-Facility Maintenance

  • Farming

  • Construction & Demolition

  • Municipalities, Park Districts, & Universities

  • Sidewalk Snow Removal

  • Tree Services

Mention #AV1119 to Your Sales Representative

Get a 10% discount on your Avant attachment quote by mentioning #AV1119 to your sales representative.

Look for #AV1119 on Highway's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages.

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